#no #UKnowUHungryWhen

#no #UKnowUHungryWhen


@FoxyTaurus: #uknowuhungrywhen u at the restaurant waiting but u staring at ppl eating LOL!

@xlycheex92: #uknowuhungrywhen you feel like there’s a dragon who wants to be fed in your stomach.

@tonesia: #uknowuhungrywhen when breakfast havent started

@ghunzNrozes: #uknowuhungrywhen: u eat some musty punany 0_0

Assumption: The first premonition I had about this tag was that there were going to be a lot of misspellings and syntactical errors. Mainly because the tag reads “u know u hungry when,” which forgoes silly things like sentence structure and aims straight at the hearts of people everywhere, who all believe they have something funny to say. Secondly, I imagined that there would be a lot of references to being poor and on not having enough money to eat.

I added this lame clip art image, not because of its relevancy, but because I’ve never been hungry and thought of shish kabobs.

Was I Right: I was half right. While references to being poor were dropped in favor of general, depressing “there is nothing in the fridge” tweets,  the people who use this tag tend to misspell as if correct spelling cut off their dad’s head in front of them. I hate to sound lame and English-ey, but it’s almost appalling how people just seemed to have typed things into Twitter and left them there for the world. I imagine that it sounds correct in their head, but, when it comes out their fingers, something is lost in translation.

A true example:


I don’t know if this person has ever actually written anything before in their life. Their grasp of language leads me to believe that they live in a dark cell, and once a month a keyboard is shoved through a slot in the door. They then have thirty seconds to write something in total blackness before the keyboard is pulled back.  Also, the phrase “U FUNNA ENDOOR” is going to be added to my repertoire very soon. I have no idea what it means, but fuck it if I’m not constantly U FUNNA ENDOORing.

How To Use This For Good: The only way I can see improving this would be to just end every tag with “when love is not enough…” It’ll leave room for interpretation and Twitter will become that much more passive aggressive.

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2 responses to “#no #UKnowUHungryWhen

  1. This is good stuff. One thing I will never tire of is mocking dumb people. Of course I realize that somewhere a much smarter person than I is surely mocking me as well… but still, I can’t stop ripping on idiots. And bad spellers.

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