The Sadness Of Flo Rida: Part 1

Forced to wear shades, because his eyes speak pain.

The deep-rooted need to be loved is something that ruins emotions and Facebook statuses alike. It’s often displayed in a cry for help or a cry of “notice me,” and, in this case, that is indeed where it’s manifested. Despite how grand someone’s life may be, if you look closely enough, you can read between the lines and see that on the inside, they’re crying.

This is the case of Flo Rida. Known for his infectious pop/rap songs like “Low,” “Right Round,” “The Club Can’t Handle Me,” and “Good Feeling,” Flo Rida is the Family Feud 100% answer of “What music are you most likely to hear played in a club/bar?” However, despite his seemingly invincible attitude of what I call “the club-ness,” there is a strain of melancholy that runs through his lyrics. I don’t cry often, but when I took the time to read his words, it made me sad enough to think about how I don’t cry often.

Flo Rida, I understand what you want, and I’m going to show it to the world. I see the deeper meaning behind your rhythms, and I’m going to make sure that no one will ever grind to “Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1)” without first bursting into tears and having to have a long conversation about the meaning of loneliness. We’re going to get you the help you need.


“….Got her them paper stacks

Tattoo above her crack

I had to handle that…..”

You “had” to handle that, Flo? He’s being forced to accept that not everyone is perfect. Years of being around gorgeous, un-blemished models has dulled Flo to the sense of what an average, flawed female looks like. He finds himself undeniably attracted to someone, but her back tattoo is confusing his emotions, and he can’t help but focus on this one physical feature. In a world where we strive for bodily perfection, Flo has become a victim.

“In The Ayer”

“…..Keep me partyin’ ‘til the A.M.

Ya’ll don’t understand

Makes me throw my hands

in the ayer, ay-ayer, ayer, ay-ayer.”

Sometimes people get addicted to the high and adrenaline rush of the fast-paced music world. Flo is no different. What may seem like fun to you is the one thing that keeps him going.  We don’t understand, as normal people, what it’s like to have our self-worth based upon the party, but Flo does. And our consistent need to have to club not handle us is ruining his psyche. He has to have his hands in the ayer, ay-ayer. It’s the only way he feels alive.

“Right Round”

“….From the top of the pole I watch her go down,

She got me throwin’ my money around

Aint nothin’ more beautiful to be found….”

Poor Flo. Ensnared by what is soon to be another meaningless relationship with a less-than-desirable woman. He needs a nice girl, but, considering his situation, he can only settle with the momentary comfort of strippers. His lack of connection with his own feelings forces him into “throwin’ his money around,” as that’s the only way he knows how to express affection. He spends so much in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, they’ll stay for breakfast the next morning. But we know, by the time the next single drops, they will be nothing but a faint, painful memory.

“….Hey, shawty must know I’m the man

My money love her like her number one fan.

Don’t open my mouth, let her talk to my fans,

My Benjamin Franklins.”

When one can’t connect through speaking, but feels the need to humanize their money in a way that it seems more meaningful, there are obvious deep-seated psychological issues present. He gives his money the qualities of a person, because they’re all he has. His “Benjamin Franklins” are his constant companion, the phrase “ THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE” is his Catcher In The Rye.

“….We buildin’ castles that’s made out of sand…”

His subconscious breaks through. He knows, deep down, that this isn’t meant to last.

“Yeah, I’m spendin’ my money, I’m out of control

Somebody help me. She’s takin’ my bank roll….”

“Right Round” is a relative magnum opus when it comes to the sadness of Flo Rida. In this last lyric, he displays an obvious cry for understanding as his basic humanity spirals into and crashes with his need to spend money on women.  He can’t stop the train he’s on, and the girl, the aforementioned stripper who’s also a person raised on a “cash is most important” mindset, is taking complete advantage of him. Get out while you can, Flo.


“….Yep, yep you’re vicious, so, so delicious.

Can’t help my interest, candy addiction….”

As time goes on, Flo has become more open about his problems. He expresses them without the use of elaborate “sand castle” metaphors. His problem here is one every person faces – they are in a doomed love. Unless this woman is willing to help Flo and prove herself different from the stripper in “Right Round,” there’s no way that this can last. However, I hope the best for him. Maybe this woman’s “vicious” nature will be just enough to set Mr. Rida on the right path.


“…Y’aint scared of heights when you sippin’ on Goose….”

Dammit, Flo. Just dammit. I had hopes for the last girl. I thought maybe she could turn you around. But now Flo has gone back to the bottle, and is considering what looks like a suicide attempt. He’s making a plea for help. But, as the age old proverb says, “If you scream at the party, does it make a sound?” Don’t jump, Flo. There’s still a chance to save you.

That ends Part 1 of “The Sadness Of Flo Rida.” We leave Flo at his most desperate, having hit rock bottom after a long line of girl troubles and a spending addiction. We can only hope that, from here, it improves.

To be continued…….RIGHT HERE


(concept by Jason Edwards)

4 responses to “The Sadness Of Flo Rida: Part 1

  1. Poor Flo! My heart goes out to him. If I had to handle a tattoo above someone’s butt crack I’d probably just have a breakdown and cry myself to death. He’s a strong guy to be able to get through this shit.

    Anyway! I was watching a video earlier and it actually made me think of you and your Twitter-related posts. I don’t know if you’ve seen it already but it is rather amusing and Amanda Palmer is generally awesome anyway. I thought you’d like to see it- it made me chuckle a bit and you are much more into the whole Twitter universe and whatnot 😀

    • Flo does have a lot of resolve. I can’t wait to see how he handles it.
      And nice video. I’d never seen much of Amanda Palmer, but if she makes fun of Twitter, I can get behind it.

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