Music Video Film School: “Back In Time” by Pitbull


We open in a prison, with Pitbull (Agent A) in one of the vault-like cells. We don’t know how long he’s been there, but the fact that he’s rapping to himself for entertainment leads us to believe that it’s been somewhere between four seconds and thirty years. Then, he is rescued by an unnamed Lady Agent who leads Agent A, now sans sunglasses, out of the vault and to a Ford with the camera direction letting us know that it’s obviously a Ford.

From here, we see a montage of Agent J and Agent K gathering up the necessary weapons for some sort of raid, mixed with scenes from Pitbull’s past, most notably him rapping by himself in the vault. Agent A drives his new lady friend, refusing to even look at her (foreshadowing the fact that Agent A obviously distrusts her), to Wu’s Chinese Restaurant, where he sits at a table, and pours a glass of Voli vodka (Pitbull’s own brand) for himself and the woman. You might ask yourself: how does Agent A have the leeway to get his expensive brand of vodka put into a cheap Chinese restaurant? It’s nice touches like these that give this video more depth than, say, one of Pitbull just rapping out in a desert somewhere.

Agent J and Agent K enter, obviously unaware that Pitbull is performing some sort of covert stakeout. The two new arrivals start a fight with the staff of the restaurant, who turn out to be aliens! To make matters worse, Pitbull’s agent friend opens fire on the aliens too! With his plan ruined, Pitbull makes a hasty exit. From here, the Lady Agent is never seen again, leading us to assume that she’s been terminated, at Agent A’s behest, from the Men In Black.

We now go to Pitbull at MIB headquarters, where he ignores work by spinning a hologram image of a globe in his palm. Agent J enters the headquarters and, through subtle visual imagery, we start to see why he’s looked so concerned thus far. Pitbull is on every video screen and monitor in the building, all showing the same loop of his face, as he sings and dances. The director of this video is obviously forcing us to come to our own conclusions about the status of the world, at least for the time being. Is this some sort of dystopian future, where Pitbull has become such a massive entertainment brand that they play videos of him in the secret office of an alien fighting organization? Or is Agent A the leader of the MIB, thus explaining why he’s allowed to shirk responsibilities and sing all day? The motivation here is a bit muddled, but one thing is for certain: this can’t be allowed to continue.

Agent J then sits down to take a closer look at one of these Pitbull videos, hinting that it is indeed the first of the two possibilities. Pitbull’s album title has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. This is no longer the earth that we know. We now live on Planet Pit.

We move to 1969, where we see Pitbull performing on stage at a party. Apparently, due to his wealth and success, Agent A has been granted the usage of time travelling devices, allowing him to attempt to control the media of 1969, as well as that of the present. And it’s working. Families around the world sit and watch, enraptured, as Pitbull poorly dances into the public conscience. Agent J and a younger Agent K enter the party, intending to stop the mad dictator, but a quick look into the future reveals that the plan to prevent the A-Pit-Calypse is destined to fail. Agent J watches the present day televisions at an electronics store, while the agents of the MIB watch the main monitor at the headquarters. All they see is Pitbull. The music video ends on a depressing note. Agent A has won.


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