What I’ve Been Doing

Hey, guys. I know that this blog hasn’t seen many updates recently, and I apologize. Because I started this blog, it’s given me the opportunity to write other places. It’s kind of like when you date someone to make someone else jealous. Or not like that at all.

If you want to keep up with what I’ve been doing, here is a list of places that I consistently write for in the present.


I’ve agreed to write 3 posts a week for this site, so this is where you’ll find me usually. Pop culture and entertainment humor. Distaste and curiosity.

Forces Of Geek

This is a bi-weekly column about my dealings with the horror genre. No reviews. Just short essay type articles about movies that usually have chainsaws in them.

Yell! Magazine

Movie reviews and retrospectives. And by reviews, I mean “jokes put together based on how much I might like something” and by retrospectives, I mean “retrospectives.”

The Forty Ounce

Podcast about music and hate, usually combined.

You can find a growing list of all the stuff that I write on the internet at the Other Jokes page. 

Also remember to tweet about and share everything that I write with everyone. I find that that’s the best way to improve your social standings.


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