Jokes For 10/29/12 to 11/4/12

I had six things come out this week, so rather than post them one at a time, I’m going to post them all at the end of the week, because it’s Sunday and you’re probably Garfield.

I started writing funny, geeky lists and articles at a place called 604Republic. They not only have me, but also shirts with some awesome designs. So go buy stuff and then write the url of my articles on those shirts with sharpies. Then give those shirts to close friends. Boom, grassroots marketing campaign.

Sorry, adolescent fantasies, but here are

Ten Reasons Why a T-Rex Would Make A Bad Pet

Some people are terrible at asking for money.

The Worst Kickstarter Campaigns Ever

I’ve been on many failed dates (research) to bring you this advice.

Five Ways To Find a Geeky Girlfriend

Then, at Hecklerspray, I wrote three more things concerning stuff that currently plague my thoughts.

Quickly, get to the chopp-article! (I’m not great at segue ways.)

Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Can Save Any Franchise

I’m not a fan of things that seem pandering.

Wreck-It Ralph Will Probably Be An Overrated Retro Video Game Movie

Continuity? Bah! Who needs continuity when you have Hugh Jackman signed to do a billion movies.

The X-Men Franchise Is Beyond Saving

This drink was called a zombie. I was very excited about it.

Then I held a book.


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