Music Video Film School: Nicki Minaj ft. Lil’ Wayne “High School”

We open with Nicki Minaj walking around her pool. She is thoughtful and you wonder What is wrong with her? What could she have to worry about? And then we see her from behind, displaying her bizarre form of elephantiasis. Nicki Minaj is the Joseph Merrick of asses. Her giant butt has cursed her. She comes from a side show, treated like a bizarre freak and constantly craving humanity.

Enter Lil Wayne, standing in for Anthony Hopkins, portraying Frederick Treves F. Baby. He arrives at a large villa, but is greeted by Minaj’s imposing carney bosses. They know what they have on their hands. Inside the villa is the 8th wonder of the world, and as long as they can make money on Nicki’s poor, misshapen ass, they will. They stand there, trying to intimidate Fred Weezy, until Birdman shows up, and, solely by being Birdman, manages to let Young Tunechi Treves inside to see his patient.

Minaj, meanwhile, is seen in solitude, standing out among some trees and sitting alone in her Jacuzzi. Does this young woman not deserve some company, some back up dancers for God’s sake? The solitude has become so normal that she nearly embraces it, but when Wayne enters the villa and stares up at Minaj, surely in massive amounts of pain from having normal, human bones that aren’t meant to support the weight of her posterior, an instant connection is made.

Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj in the "High School" video.

And stare he does. Wayne maintains the same gaze throughout half the video – mouth open slightly, eyes wide, unable to comprehend the medical miracle that he intends to operate on. Nurse, bring him 40 cc’s of syzzurp. It’s time to get to work.

We get a glimpse of their relationship, which seems professional at first. They hold hands and sort of look at each other. Who is this tiny creature that shows no revulsion? Minaj thinks. Wayne even greets her with a kiss on the cheek and Minaj remembers the last time she felt that, when her own mother used to cradle her to sleep when she was a child. Or was that just…a dream?

Birdman, Wayne and Minaj’s handlers make business deals, but Wayne cannot help but grow feelings for his client. Will he break the normal restraints of the doctor/patient association? There isn’t much suspense as the answer is clearly Yes. Wayne takes little time to find a way to have sex with Minaj.

It is passionate, lengthy, steamy sex as Wayne refuses to make eye contact, knowing that what he is doing is wrong, but Minaj invests herself completely. Wayne daydreamt about this encounter but he cannot commit to her. As much as he hates to admit it to himself, he is shallow in that sense. Minaj has spent her whole life deemed a “freak.” How can love bloom between the two? What will the scholars and doctors in London and Miami think?

Birdman encourages this and Wayne seems a little more committed to the idea. He begins to reciprocate her affections more often and all seems to going smoothly when suddenly, in a David Lynch esque sequence of events, a ninja in a black hoodie and a gold, glittery mask comes in and steals some money out of a safe. Wayne flags a helicopter and leads Minaj to it, revealing the thief to be her. All romantic tension is lost in this move, which totally ruins the video’s theme of acceptance despite deformity. Minaj’s former captors watch the copter fly away, distraught by their losses.

Then, some Beats by Dre speakers.

Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne in the "High School" video

Love always finds a way.


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