Music Video Film School: “#thatpower” by ft. Justin Bieber

The video opens with a gaudy blue car being followed by two regular looking black ones. The blue one circles under a bridge, stops, and, dressed like The Undertaker, exits it. In his hand, he carries the Allspark, something you may remember from the Transformers films, thus creating a connection between Transformers: Dark of the Moon and the upcoming Trans4mers. Transformers: #thatpower, in case you were wondering, is canon.

The other cars open their doors, and out step the will.we.ares. A will.we.are is the clone of its leader, imperfect and botched, but created in his image, all the way down to the Undertaker outfit. They were rushed, and expose their engineer’s carelessness through their awkward attempts at walking/lunges/marching. and Justin Bieber in the #thatpower music video. pulls into a tunnel and stops, finding this a suitable place to unleash the #thatpower of the Allspark. He sets it down and suddenly, in a flash of blue light, erupts the most #thatpowerful being on the planet: Justin Bieber. stands in awe, his immense pop #thatpower dwarfed by this teen’s. Then he gets in his car and drives away, leaving Justin and the Allspark to spread it’s incendiary message. does have one trick, though. He possesses the power of teleportation, first displayed when he walked away from the car and was then suddenly back in it, and isnow transported to the front of his will.i.ares, moving in unison behind Justin, fulfilling the prophecy. They move swiftly around the world, bringing Bieber’s #thatpower with them.

Finally, when they reach Japan, as they move through the alleyway, we can see the effect that their choreography has had on the earth in the short time since their plan was put into motion. Justin, still unable to manifest himself in flesh, has become a global icon of the media, showing up on every video screen in sight. It is a metaphor for the real world. He is a being of intense #thatpower, but is he real? No, not yet. But will do whatever is necessary to change that.

Justin Bieber

The will.i.ares and their master are unstoppable, doing lunges through crowded intersections without fear of being hit by vehicles. We finally see them in a massive room, the former U.N. Headquarters, now surrendered to, with words like “minute,” “stronger” and “power” flashing on the screen. We see how they’ve transformed the building into something more  befitting of their cyborg heritage, the escalators surrounded by sharp, reflective metals. and his clones

To keep his will.i.are army motivated, sets the cube down directly in front of them. This raises morale, and the simple minded clones “rush” forward to get a piece of #thatpower. We are tricked for a second into believing that Justin himself is emerging for but it’s still just a hologram, though this scene reveals an even deadlier truth. We see people, once normal human beings, participating in these dedicated movements. They have been brainwashed by the promise of Justin’s #thatpower and now dance willingly, unaware of what a terrible world it will be once Bieber gains full control. They are flashed a glimpse of the Allspark and that’s all it takes for the final ritual to begin.

The new Beliebers kneel before the will.i.ares as raises the cube toward the heavens. A flash of light bursts from it, going towards space. It is a beacon. Cybertron,’s mission in complete. You may send the real Justin Bieber now. #thatpower has been attained.


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