My Favorite Things: Andre the Giant’s Honey Comb Commercial

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I’ve never quite understood the appeal behind putting celebrities in commercials. The product doesn’t become special just because a famous person uses it. I doubt Bud Light Platinum becomes anything close to digestible when Justin Timberlake sings to a crowd of people holding them. Am I supposed to impress these people? Shaq sponsors Gold Bond, but am I intended to be using Gold Bond with the hopes that one day, Shaq will walk by and give me his approval? I doubt it. Plus, Shaq’s first response to me using Gold Bond would be “How the fuck did you get in my house?”

This commercial requires a pretty large suspension of disbelief, as the story behind it is that somehow the scent of Honey Comb has lured Andre the Giant to stumble into this poor suburban family’s backyard. Also, there’s an unexplained robot here that the kids just hang out with. This leads me to assume that the kids have created it, which is an early 90’s made-for-TV kids’ movie in itself, but the only thing the robot does is allow Andre and gravity to try and destroy it.

Feuds make more sense when they're about food.

Feuds make more sense when they’re about food.

Andre is given this Honey Comb and obviously enjoys it, but what next? “Bye, Andre. Hope you find a lunch!” I hate the idea of a homeless Andre the Giant, wandering neighborhoods in the hopes of discovering picnics. What happens when he growls into the tree house of people who don’t take to 80’s wrestling icons so kindly? Especially when those wrestlers are dressed like medieval stablemen.

Lastly, check out the fireman’s pole on the side of the tree. These kids were industrious and mechanically gifted. That gives more weight to my theory that this commercial is just a clip reel from a movie starring child engineers with a cameo by a starving Andre the Giant: The Tree House Gang.


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