A Brave New Leaf 1: Arrival in Eden

I arrived in Eden late in the evening. A cat named Rover asked me if I had the correct time (he was an hour behind) and then asked me my name. I told him “Adam,” which isn’t my real name, of course, but the one I’ve chosen that best represents my intentions.

You see, I am not just a dreamer, but a creator. I have come to Eden not just to fill the spot as Mayor but to create an entirely new society, one that I will govern myself, firm but fairly. The residents won’t just look to me as a citizen but as a brother, as I create a more perfect union for them. My god-hand will give and take away according to what is best for them.

This is Animal Crossing. Welcome to A Brave New Leaf.

animal crossing new leaf

My Eden.

I was greeted to a chorus of welcomes. This pleased me, for first impressions mean a great deal and if I planned to slowly unravel the current realities of these people in order to institute far better, safer ones, it’s important that they see me as relatable. So, I gave them banter about not really knowing that I was the Mayor. And, truly, I’m not. I’m more Zeus than any puny title that they could give me.

A dog named Isabelle introduced herself as my secretary. Isabelle is plain, eager to please and thus, easy to persuade. She will be the one that deals with people while I delve into more important matters. The town hall was quaint, but I’d much rather it had been in the exact center of town, where everyone could see it, and know that I was maintaining a watch over them. Regardless of location, it will have to do for now. For now.

I went to Nook’s Homes in order to build housing for myself, housing that will be located in the middle of everything. Tom Nook seems like a pleasant old fellow and it’s a shame that I’ll have to eliminate him along with the rest of the old guard – those who still remember the former Mayor who, as Isabelle told me, was “set in his ways.” The ways of the past must always be removed for a more stable way for the future. But first, I need a place to live.

tom nook

Tom Nook, Poor, old Tom Nook.

Being in peak physical condition, the run in search of a suitable plot of land seemed to tire Tom, and when I chose my spot, he seemed flustered by the calculations. I pity him in his old age, unable to see beyond what life has handed to him, unable to see the revolution that is about to occur. It will take a while for the house to be finished so old Tom provided me with a tent, which even he commented on being shabby. Nonsense. I’ve stayed in worse places that this, the trenches in Austria and the mountains in southern Russia. This will be good enough. For any place good enough to dream in is good enough to sleep in.

Isabelle informed me of a ceremony meant to celebrate my arrival. Perfect. During the ceremony, I would plant a tree, to symbolize my coming into Eden and the growth that would occur. If they only knew what I have planned for them.

I put the sapling in the earth and felt a cool calmness wash over me. On June 11th, 2013, I officially became Mayor of Eden. The crowd that had gathered clapped around me. It was rhythmic and repetitive. Eden, I have come claim you, to nurture you, to control you.


For more of the creation of Eden, go here.

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