A Brave New Leaf 2: The Already Converted

I received an interesting letter from someone who claimed that they were supposed to have been Mayor. They did not reveal their identity, which leads me to believe that they may be a threat to my goals. I will investigate this further at a later time, and the mystery sender will be dealt with swiftly and without remorse.


She is, as they say, “not my type.”

A mouse named Greta, wandering aimlessly in the night, told me that she found the tree ceremony “inspiring.” I will consider Greta to be a part of what I will call “The First Born of Eden.” Genji, a something carrying a shovel who I also met this evening will join those ranks. If anything is to go wrong, they will be the first to provide cover for me. They are young and foolish and easily rebuilt into my desired image of them.

I met Redd, a painter who is the first person in Eden to not instantly become devoted to my every move. He simply attempted to shill his wares to me, but I could not spend any bells on them. I have not gotten any currency yet, but that is soon to change. I like Redd, and I hope that he is willing to adjust his business format to suit my purposes.

A warrior.

A warrior.

Many of the citizens of Eden were not in their homes when I went to speak to them. This is disconcerting to me, as I plan to instill an 8 P.M. curfew, to lower crime rates and keep the people organized. Many of them were out “playing” or, in Genji’s case, “training.” That is fantastic. Eden eventually needs a military, and when I have settled into my duties as Mayor, I will want someone to work with new soldiers and lead them against anyone planning (in futility) to oppose Eden.

Just as I had retired to my tent for the evening, Isabelle approached me, and offered me a lantern that she had found in the town hall. I graciously took it, but from her nervous, quick speech, I couldn’t help but feel as if she was flirting with me. Isabelle, despite her earnestness, does not attract me. Any form of romantic relationship at this point would seem crude and hasty. And if I was to start one, I’d need someone of an almost unattainable beauty. Isabelle is the “girl next door,” more suited for a common merchant or laborer.

And so I completed my first day in Eden. I lay down beside the glow of my lantern and watched the mosquitos who flew too close to the hot flames, too close to the promising light. Oh, what a bitter end, to die craving an illusory beauty.


For the rest of A Brave New Leaf, go here.

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