A Brave New Leaf 4: Construction And Gardening

A new resident named Cyrano has moved into Eden. Why wasn’t I informed of this? Is this how the preceding Mayor ran his housing developments? Every hour I find more and more structural deficiencies in Eden, deficiencies that I plan to erase as soon as I am able. I talked to the man and he seemed as if he was hiding something behind that trunk of his. Is he the man that was supposed to be Mayor? Did he send the letter? My Panopticon will not be challenged. I will keep tabs on Cyrano.

I put the 10,000 bell down payment on a house and chose a red roof for it to symbolize my passion, and my capacity for violence, should things not go in my favor. The house was built promptly the next day by the industrious Tom Nook, someone who, despite his old age and relative slowness, has managed to impress me. What doesn’t impress me is the housing prices. I now own a close to 40,000 bell loan which I will slowly pay off. Just another failure of the old capitalistic system. I must abolish it.

This is close to what it looks like: "cute" and utterly forgettable.

This is close to what it looks like: “cute” and utterly forgettable.

I also got a sink and a golf bag when they fell out of a pine tree that I shook. I put the sink inside my new, small house, which made the conditions cramped, but owning a sink also proves that I have at least one appliance of the upper class. I, however, sold the golf bag. I have no use for recreational activities in my quest to create a new Eden. Plus, there is no room for a golf course here. Perhaps, upon expansion, I shall build some sort of recreational facility (most likely one for blood sports, which are both entertaining to watch and establish myself as someone with a strong stomach, who will go the extra distance to provide the most human of athletic competitions.)

Isabelle told me that I needed to incorporate public works into my plans, for that would make the townspeople happy. It appears that the worm has turned, as if that cheeky little dog knows a mayoral position from a hole in the ground.

I can’t afford to spend on public works right no. I won’t gain the admiration of the people if I have a small house. I must have a grand one, inspiring awe and reverence from all who pass by, for in gaining a mansion of extreme proportions, I will accomplish what they could only dream of.

Finally, I picked all the flowers in Eden. Every last one. Sure, they are beautiful but their disappearance shall cause only a minor, temporary aesthetic displeasure. Once I realized that I could sell them, the process of repaying my loan to Nook went much faster. And I will cut down every god forsaken tree in Eden if that’s what it takes to build my mansion. Formerly, I just picked up seashells and caught bugs, but I cannot wait for the tide to deliver seashells for me, for to wait on the tide to complete a task is to wait on inefficiency.


For more of the creation of the new Eden, go here.

One response to “A Brave New Leaf 4: Construction And Gardening

  1. Selling all the flowers to repay a loan? Are you some sort of florist at heart?

    No, my potential dictator friend, what you need are EXOTIC IMPORTS. Think strange creatures from faraway lands, rare fruit not found in town, enormous sharks and the like.

    Or you need approximately six tons of turnips, which all must be stored in your house or on your person.

    One of these options leads to a tropical island. The other leads to your closet. Which will you choose?

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