My Pitbull Covers

I can’t believe that I’ve never shared these on before. I guess, since in the case of internet videos, I usually take the route of Look-At-How-Crazy-This-Is-Oh-That’s-Dumb-Jurassic-Park-Joke-Okay-Bye!, and it would be kind of weird to do that with myself.

“I don’t know if you were aware from his weak chin (quiet sob) and steadily graying hair (more quiet sobs), but Daniel is about the lamest person imaginable. He sings like he’s trying to do an impression of a broken laundry dryer, and you could replicate his flow by reciting the ABC’s while being repeatedly punched in the lung. I don’t know who his intended audience is, but it’s going to be hard to rouse them from their macaroni necklace-making class in order to get them to painstakingly log into a computer.”

Both of these are covers of Pitbull songs. For those unaware, I’m a huge fan of rapper and purported international lover Pitbull, though I’m not quite sure of how much of that love is totally sincere, and how much is ironic. I listen to Pitbull without laughing way too much for it to be pure mockery, but I also take too much joy in his lyrical ineptitude for my passion to be completely serious. It’s a battle that I’ll be fighting until I draw my dying breath.

The first is a cover of “Back In Time“, that song that he did for Men In Black III, in which Pitbull imagines himself as a secret agent. I’ve already written about the music video here. I recorded this cover about a year ago.

The second cover is of his collaboration with rapper Flo Rida, “Can’t Believe It,” which is a song entirely about butts. This cover was recorded last month, and I talk about the song itself on my podcast The Forty Ounce.

I don’t use the word “butts” lightly either. There is a serious excess of butt in this video. If you were to pour this into a gl(ass), you would exclaim “Damn, I spilled butt all over the kitchen counter! Someone call the …..oh no….gurgle….I’m drowning in butt.” See, you just had the mental image of drowning in a literal sea of butts. Your day wasn’t a total waste.


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