Halloween Spectactathon!: Pillows That Eat You/Godzilla

In March 2012, I started writing for a horror movie/metal/MMA site called Yell! Magazine. If you’d like, you can read everything I’ve written for them so far by clicking here. I really dug working with them, as the editors totally understood my compulsion to sabotage what would be insightful reviews with dick jokes.

I got really busy around February of this year (2013, for those in the future), and my output for them dwindled to an insignificant nothing. However, considering that it is October, and Halloween is approaching, I have teamed up with them once again to produce horror content in ways that people would’ve deemed “witchcraft” in the 1780’s.

Maybe this could be the re-beginning of a beautiful new friendship. Regardless, I am going to be concocting a few new articles for them over the course of this month, and I will be linking to them weekly, here on danielsfunny.

The first is about a pillow that eats people. I know what you’re thinking: hot. And you’re completely right. This pillow is based off the creature from Frank Henenlotter’s 1982 film Basket Case. There are only twenty-five of them, so get them while they survive. Or while you survive. You might be being eaten right now. Consider that. Check it out by clicking here.

The second is about the posters for each of the films that have been entitled Godzilla. I’m sure you’ve seen the kickass trailer that leaked yesterday, but I wrote this before that, when all I had to go on was archaic parchment, featuring prehistoric art scribbles from a bygone era. Also, my critique of these posters devolves pretty quickly, I think around the time I bring up the totally real film Tyler Perry’s Big Angry Dinosaur. Does that intrigue you? Satisfy your curiosity by clicking here. (Also, I’m sorry about two syntax errors in this one. I got too caught up in the size mattering.)


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