My Good Friend Wrote A Novel: Nefarious Twit

nefarious twit

During the summer of last year, I started writing for a site called Hecklerspray (you can read all of my articles right here.) I really enjoyed writing for them, as there are a lot of things about pop culture that I find both entertaining and offensive to most of my senses. Thus, a marriage was born. That marriage produced a lot of articles about dumb-looking DVD covers, critiques of Chris Brown’s lack of social grace, and even a fake Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles plot summary. It also introduced me to the writing of Tony McMillen.

Aside from the editors of the sites that I wrote for, I had never had extensive contact with my fellow humor contributors. Also, if I ever write something as lame as “fellow humor contributors” again, I give you permission to burn Daniel Is Funny to the ground.  However, for some reason, I decided to look Tony up on Facebook and befriend him. Much of the things that he wrote about seemed to stem from the same mental plane that mine stem from; a space so filled with jokes and movie trivia that at any point it threatens to spurt blood, brains and Predator 2 references all over our dinner dates. Not only did I find Tony to be funny in a non-TEN-REASONS-WHY-(INSERT CLASSIC CARTOON HERE)-SUCKS setting, I also found him to be extremely level-headed and also very willing to just shoot the shit with me. It’s all this crap-aiming that led to us starting a short-lived column on Daniel Is Funny, called “Tony and Daniel: Popping Culture.” And Tony, if you read this, one day, I promise it will continue.

If I had the choice, I would’ve taken one of my friend Tony McMillen’s columns to prom. He writes like The Rock flexes, and he knows so much about pop culture history that the entire decade of the 80’s just woke up and wondered who was breaking into their house. You can read his humor column here:

He’s also publishing his first book, and if you could donate a few dollars, it would be extremely appreciated.

Now, I know that it’s hard to give money to something based on the suggestions of a person that you’ve never met, but Tony is legitimately one of the best writers I know. Never lazy, and constantly coming up with new ideas, each one ready to be fleshed out in ways that I couldn’t imagine, Tony is truly a rare find in a writing culture that seems to be beaten down by the fact that a well-written article will be drowned in SEO bombs like “24 GIFS OF MILEY CYRUS TWERKING AN iPHONE OUT OF HER BABY RED PANDA.”

So, give a few bucks if you’re able. I swear, you’ll be helping to birth something amazing. Tony has worked on this novel for six years, and has included fourteen pages of illustration in it. I’m going to buy at least two copies – one to read, and one more to just weep into.


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