The Late Professor Van Helsing: The Kentucky Dilemma

So, if you’ve been reading this site since its inception, which I assume you have because love is eternal and never dies, then you might remember some comics I wrote for my friend Derek, in his Sad Executioner series. They were awesome, and had Godzillas and chainsaws and aliens in the panels. I loved writing them, and if in fact you don’t remember them, I remember hearing about how much you loved them too. Trust me.

Well, Derek and I have started on a new project, with a new page set to be released every Thursday. This project is called “The Late Professor Van Helsing: The Kentucky Dilemma.” I’m not going to spoil the plot, but it features Van Helsing (star of Van Helsing), and Kentucky, and a herd of Bigfoot. I’m not sure if “herd” is the right term for what could be defined as “large number of Bigfoot”, but it sounds better than “group” or “crowd.”

The teaser image/cover is below. I’ll probably update danielsfunny with new pages every month, so I actually have some substantial content in the post, rather than “Here’s a page. A single image. Okay, bye!”

late professor van helsingAlso, I like that Derek drew the Bigfoot to look sort of like Shakma, my favorite killer baboon.



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