Subject: Cody Was Attacked By A Pterodactyl

Dear Mrs. Murphy,

I do not want you to panic upon reading this email. We here at Camp Indigo pride ourselves on maintaining the safest possible environment for children, so something like this is completely out of the ordinary. I also promise that, before he was pulled from the gazebo by his shirt, your son Cody was having a wonderful time. His camp counselor even noted that he said “I’ve finished my silly hat. Can we please go now?” Such enthusiasm for projects!

I don’t know how to put this, because I’m not sure if science knows how to put this. I trained at being a camp nurse for three straight hours, but even that didn’t prepare me for what can only be described as a prehistoric anomaly. You see, Cody was attacked by a Pterodactyl.

Camp Indigo’s wildlife is made up of the usual squirrels, chipmunks, the camp dog, and, on a few occasions in the early morning, deer. We could’ve never have expected that we would draw the attention of a reptile that’s been thought dead for sixty-six million years. Some of the counselors thought that, possibly, the animal was drawn to the smell of all the macaroni that Cody had haphazardly glued to his paper hat. But how would that explain the beast’s bloodlust for the flesh of your young son? Until it attempts to kill again, I guess we may never know.

The closest precaution we have to preventing pterodactyl attacks in the camp staff handbook is dealing with bee stings, and so we have given each counselor a large can of wasp repellant to dissuade any future winged pterosaurs from trying to devour campers. The pterodactyl apparently came out of nowhere, screeching and beating its wings. Cody tried to run away, but he was not fast enough. Camp Indigo offers Children’s Fitness Courses, which include weight loss help, in September.

The reptile apparently was not fully grown, as it was incapable of lifting Cody very far off the ground. It dropped him from a height of about fifteen feet, far less than a hundred feet, so, on the bright side, this could’ve gone far worse.

A camp counselor beat at the creature with his sandal until it flew away. Some of the children reportedly heard many more screeches coming from the direction that the pterodactyl flew off in. Cody suffered two scraped knees and an intense emotional shock, a living coma that he should come out of shortly, since we have given him Goldfish Crackers and a cup of water. He is young, and this was only one occurrence. I’m sure that you’ll find him to be full of stories about all the fun he had at Camp Indigo when you come to pick him up on Friday.

Camp Indigo does not provide refunds.

The best,

-Camp Indigo Nurse Donna Sheppard

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