7 Nonviolent Ways To Tell If Your Friend Is A Robot

History and Terminators have shown us that the best way to tell if someone is a robot is to stab them and then pull at their innards until computer parts come out. What they don’t show you, however, is all the times this turns out to be a mistake, and you’re left with an “Ooops” and one less friend.

The revolution began silently.

The revolution began silently.

Using a scale that I’ve devised from intense research of not only robotics, but human emotions too, I’ve concocted seven non-violent methods to determine whether or not your friend or family member is a machine. Don’t get me wrong, you can save the violent parts for when the test results come back positive, but at least you’ll never be caught screaming “I swear to God, I thought he was a robot!” while you’re being handcuffed.

1) Tell them that you have the flu. If they remain at your side, they’re either a robot or the most misguided boyfriend that you’ll ever acquire. Fleshy humans are paranoid of getting sick at all times. You can’t get a robot sick though, so they’ll just see your cough as a slight, awkward interruption between words that they’ll copy to help with the eventual takeover of earth.

2) Ask them what kind of coffee they prefer. As we’re all aware, the coffee that they serve at Starbucks is one biodegradable cup away from microwave pee. If a robot doesn’t care about the quality of coffee, or actually likes Starbucks coffee above other kinds, they’re simply refueling the oil that drives their motors. In the same way that Premium Gas doesn’t work for some cars, good coffee doesn’t work for most robots. It’s just too rich for their sensors to handle. Robots much more enjoy coffee that is the basic equivalent of Transformer ass sweat.


You’re not gonna rule my earth, robots.

3) Force them to watch I, Robot. Then, ask them who the hero of the film was. If they say “Will Smith,” they’re a robot, because only a non-human who hates humanity would like Will Smith.

4) Robots do not understand physical comedy. The natural reaction for you and I when someone gets hurt in a way that isn’t grossly damaging is to laugh at them until they understand that by being both clumsy AND near an unseen sidewalk edge, they were doing us all a favor. A robot’s primary concern is staying in perfect working condition. They do not understand why an over-sized man on a tiny scooter is a recipe for the funniest thing ever. All they see is inefficient technology. If they do not respond to belly flops and walking into glass doors, prepare for the upcoming Armageddon.

4.5) Also, robots do not understand any kind of dirty joke. For example, and I know that this will pain you, because it’s 2013 and this line should’ve been wiped out in 2011 in the great Meme Apocalypse, but exclaim “That’s what she said!” after a robot says anything even vaguely sexual. A regular man or woman, logically, should get angry, because we, as a species, are so sick of that stupid, stupid joke. A robot, on the other hand, will inquire as to exactly what woman said that. When did she say that? Of what importance is this female in our current conversation?

5) Show them videos of dogs. It has been proven that once a normal person starts watching videos of puppies, they can’t stop until they’ve eventually looped back around into watching old videos that they saw the last time that they binged on cute shit. A robot doesn’t have this same necessity. Robots were never programmed to waste time by looking at other people’s pets, thus they will seem satisfied after one.

6) Ask them who their role models are. Robots will pick people throughout history that have already been revealed as robots.









7) Accuse them of being a robot. Robots, unable to process subtlety, will immediately try to prove otherwise by giving you the most “human,” and therefore wildly unnecessary action that they can think of: a hug. Have your weapon ready. It’s time.



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130 responses to “7 Nonviolent Ways To Tell If Your Friend Is A Robot

    • The ranking is as follows:
      0 Robot to 7 Human = Total human.
      1 Robot to 6 Human = You’re wearing a cast.
      2 Robot to 5 Human = You have a prosthetic limb.
      3 Robot to 4 Human = You’re a cyborg with emotions.
      4 Robot to 3 Human = You’re a cyborg with no emotions.
      5 Robot to 2 Human = You’re a Robocop.
      6 Robot to 1 Human = You’re a Tin Man.
      7 Robot to 0 Human = Total Robot.

      • Thank you, very helpful. But I’m definitely a cyborg with emotions, I just don’t like dogs.

        Hey, YOU get mauled/bitten/attacked by canines 7 times since childhood and see how much you twitch around the damned things. Because emotional.

  1. Hehehehehe that was reallyyyyyyy fun to read. I wonder though can we upgrade into becoming a robot? Please advise. I would love to turn into these emotionless smart practical technological beings. The world would seem a much better and easier place to live in 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Someone told me that I sound like a robot the other day. That’s because I didn’t want to talk to them…..

  3. Ok, but what about us robots who don’t drink coffee? And also, the most advanced robot models already figured out these tests, and will not deny that they are robots in (7), watch 3-4 per videos at once in (5), and so on.

  4. Hilarious! You’re spreading good, non-violent ways for us to sort out the human from the robot. We need to know this! And the next thing we need to sort out is who among us are zombies.

  5. Very creative. I know many of my teachers of the past were robots because they all said the party line and taught me little except automatic responses.

  6. Valuable information, indeed. Judging by my facebook home page, the Meme Apocalypse failed to completely extinguish Memes. Maybe the recipes and Dr. Oz’s fat reducing posts will be the nail in the coffin.

  7. This design is really random.. just a thought haha. I like random 😀 just like my blog *hint hint* 🙂

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