Pokedex Entry 5: Charmeleon

Pokemon has been a part of my life, off and on, for about sixteen years. I think it’s time I started writing stuff about it. I make no promises as to how long this series will last.



Charmeleon is the first Pokemon on the list that throws on a leather jacket, motorcycles to High School, and then asks your girlfriend to the big dance.

And you know what? She says “Yes, of course,” because Charmeleon is a lizard with attitude.

The first time I ever played Red Version, at eight, I didn’t know how nicknaming your Pokemon worked. Either that, or my motor skills hadn’t developed past infantile levels, so I ended up naming my Charmander “ZZZZZZ”, like I was making fun of a sleeping habit that my invisible, video game creature never could have.

ZZZZZZ and me were two best friends who didn’t take shit from anyone. We were each other’s sole companions for the first half of the game, actually.

(You don’t count, Drowzee. I saddled you with Flash for a reason. You know what you were. Don’t act like you had a bigger part in becoming Hall Of Fame winners than you did. I dumped your ass in the PC as soon as we hit Lavender Town.)


Read more of the Pokedex by clicking here.


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