Pokedex Entry 6: Charizard

Pokemon has been a part of my life, off and on, for about sixteen years. I think it’s time I started writing stuff about it. I make no promises as to how long this series will last.


pokemon red version

Oh, Charizard. You were the first Pokemon that I ever significantly over-leveled.

I know that the Pokemon games aren’t meant to be extremely difficult. They do require that you know the different types and are able to remember the rock/paper/scissor-esque strategy that’s involved with them, but I’ve never thrown my Game Boy or DS variant in a rage because I was getting so frustrated with a Pokemon game. I would never describe any facet of them as unbeatable, and the ability to create raging god-beasts when you need so much less doesn’t hurt either.

I loved Charizard, and I wanted to use him all the time because he won battles. And since he won battles, I put him in more battles. Eventually, I had a creature that was ten to twenty levels higher than anything a Gym Leader or Elite 4 member would throw at me. Charizard was unstoppable. He would silently whisper “There is no need to struggle. It will all be over soon,” as he snapped an opponent’s neck. I had raised him from a cute Charmander to a being of almost surreal power.

When I replayed Red Version, after playing through Blue Version once too, it was  a shame to see Charizard go. I had spent a lot of good times with him, unfairly decimating every Bug Catcher and Gambler in our way, and I was sad that this force that I had built and cared for was going to be deleted as soon as I hit “New Game.” But he had to go, and I hope he’s happy in Video Game Old Save File Heaven, as he terrorizes his fellow inhabitants and beats them into submission.


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