I Will Write 500 Words About Anything You Want

Anything. Really. I will write you an essay about the Nile River. I will write a letter of congratulations for your parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary. I will write a list of my favorite X-Files episodes. Whatever. You. Want.

It’s my Christmas gift to you, and I’m giving it, not because I’ve run out of ideas, but because I want to see if I can do it.

It’s a test for myself. I know that 500 words doesn’t seem like much, but there are a lot of topics that I know absolutely nothing about. And I feel like I need to know more, or at least write as much funny shit as I can before I die in the robot/zombie/dangerously real, biochemical warfare Armageddon.

So leave your topic of choice in the Comment section below. If you have a WordPress, I’ll contact you through that when I’m finished with the article. If you don’t, leave your email, and I’ll send you a cyber pigeon when I’m done. All the articles will be posted here, on Daniel is funny.

Whatever. You. Want.

And, to prove how serious I am, here is a picture of me and Brutus, my parents’ dog.





12 responses to “I Will Write 500 Words About Anything You Want

  1. I wasn’t going to comment but then I saw Brutus so…here goes: I’d like you to write a thank-you letter to my adopted Soldier in Afghanistan. His name is Sgt. K. He could use a few laughs.

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