We’re All DOOMed! (The Three Worst Horror Films Of 2013)

Back in May, I submitted a short story for a horror/fantasy magazine that a few of my friends and myself had started called DOOM.

Despite the title, the world has not ended yet.

Since then, three more issues have come out, all filled with really, really cool stories and kickass art work. I didn’t add anything to the second issue, because I’m horrendously lazy when it comes to writing prose, but I did put in a short story in issue 3 which you can download by clicking here. 

And then, to lessen the frustration that everyone gets when Daniel decides to not proofread his rough draft, I decided to write something for issue 4 that I actually have a passion for: JOKES. I wrote about the three worst horror films of 2013, a year where most people (film producers, directors, and writers included) forgot that the genre even existed. I had slim pickings when it came to choosing things so terrible that my grandchildren will be easing me out of the night terrors that they will induce sixty years from now, but I managed to. I can always make room for awful.






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