King Kong’s Stupid Face Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote about my 1976 King Kong film lunchbox, and the stupid expression that they gave him in every single picture on it.

I’d just like to inform you all that this oversight wasn’t just limited to the lunchbox. Nope, King Kong’s dazed expression was the entire marketing campaign of this damn movie. In every poster, Kong was looking off to the side, turning every picture of Kong struggling into a situation where some befuddled giant ape was dropped into a conflict that he obviously mattered very little to him.

king kong 1976

Just check it out.

This was all they had. Poster after poster of King Kong vacantly staring at anything but the opposing forces that he shared the art with. Did no one sit at the King Kong marketing meetings and think Even King Kong doesn’t seem to care about this movie.

And, again, I’ve added my idea of what Kong is thinking in these pictures.

king kong 1976

king kong 1976 2


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