The Future of Daniel is funny

Well, guys. I’m taking a step in a new direction, and I figured it would be best to say it here first.

Daniel is funny is changing.

Well, not really. Actually, it isn’t at all. It’s just expanding, and I hope that you all will join me in the endeavor that I’m about to describe.

You see, for years I’ve wanted to write something big. I always thought that it would be cool to write a book, but, no matter how far I got into it, I could never muster up the consistency to finish one. I always got distracted, or bored with the subject. So, I thought for a long time and decided to take an even bigger risk than putting myself out there with a full book.

I’m creating my own magazine.

Daniel is funny is going to be both a website AND a bi-monthly publication. For $2.99, every two months, you’re going to get the chance to download 48 pages of new material. Stories, articles, lists, quizzes, everything. And none of it will be copied from the Daniel is funny site. They will both offer completely different things, with one thing in common: hilarity. I wouldn’t feel right trying to charge people for stuff that they can already read for free, so why not create entirely new content? It’s harder work, but I love writing jokes.

I’ve been asked by a few people whether or not I’m taking contributors for Daniel is funny, and the answer is no. I will take no contributors until I can pay them what they’re worth. If it gets to the point where I earn enough from it to pay other people for their jokes, it probably won’t be Daniel is funny anymore. It’ll probably be something like BIG TUB OF HUMOR or JOKE WELL or RAVINE O’ LAUGHS.

The first issue of Daniel is funny will be coming out next month, and trust me, I’ll be annoying you all keeping you up to date with it. The first cover is projected to be finished in two weeks and I’m so excited that I could burst. And I have. Gross, me.

In the mean time, I’ll still be writing stuff for the website. I won’t shaft the people who just read me online by giving them the shitty shit, so if you liked what you’ve read so far from me, prepare for more if it.

Well, that’s it. It’s going to be a hectic next few months. I thank you all for your support.


25 responses to “The Future of Daniel is funny

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  19. Yays! I think you are very brave to create a magazine that features your awesome sense of humor. I, personally, can’t wait to see the first issue. Let me know how to throw my monies at ya. Congrats & much lucks to you!

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