Writing Diary 1: Ode to my Keurig

As settlers  in the early 1800’s froze to death in Montana somewhere, after taking a wrong turn on their way to the Pacific Ocean, they dreamed of Keurig. Keurigs are, as far as I’m concerned, and like the multi-vitamins before them, one step closer to our inevitable  Jetsons/Back to the Future Part 2 future, where we just have little packets of food that either satisfy our nutritional requirements entirely, or expand when mixed with water. And don’t get me wrong, I love my Keurig. If I had to name my Keurig, I’d do it in the way that they name Pokemon, where they just listened to the thing saying it’s name and go with that. In the case of my Keurig, the name would be “Fbbffffzzzzzztttttt.” (Keurig maintenance possibly required)

Look at this modern day R2-D2.

Look at this modern day R2-D2.

However, I miss using my older coffee machine sometimes. In today’s age, waiting for things seems archaic. “No one uploaded the movie for downloading immediately after it was released? Yeah, okay. Thanks a lot, Thomas Jefferson.” But coffee makers are always bastions of patience, as you have to put in the filter, pour in the coffee and water, turn it on, and wait for it to drip enough to fill a pot, or just a cup. When you write it out like that, it seems so deliberate and long that it becomes a sequence from a Hitchcock film. You await in suspense to get that one cup to start your day, the cup that’s going to be too hot to drink immediately anyway. Coffee, the new, gurgling battery of the human condition, is an exercise in calm composure.

I’m going to keep a writing diary while I work on the first issue of Daniel is funny, because 1) I’d like to document the undertaking of something that is extremely important to me, and 2) I always like to warm up in the morning by writing something short. I’ve already gotten a decent amount of the articles that are going to go into it finished, but there’s so much more work left to go. I need to get started.

Good morning, people.


4 responses to “Writing Diary 1: Ode to my Keurig

  1. Empathize with your coffeemaker withdrawal. Fang, my Significant Whatever, has been in hot water ever since dropping my (of course discontinued ) Krups carafe to smithereens. I tried to be brave, but weeks later found myself actually sobbing on the phone to Fang, explaining how I missed the way my Krups made tiny and definitely self-satisfied sighing sounds each morning ( “Ahhhh–hahhh….Ahhhh–hahhh”) as it brewed the PERFECT cup of coffee. I have yet to find an equivalent for coffee quality, and likely will never again hear a match for its cheery smugness.

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