This Magazine Is Going To Be Nuts

As you guys have read, I’m creating my own magazine.

What you didn’t know is that Tony McMillen, writer of the recently released Nefarious Twit and collaborator on Tony And Daniel: Popping Culture, was asked, by me, to draw the cover. I only gave him two simple directives:

1) No genitalia. This is not for moral reasons, but economical ones. Book stores are 120% less likely to carry your magazine if the front cover is littered with dongs.

2) It has to have “Daniel is funny #1” written somewhere on the cover. This is important, because otherwise, no one would know what it is. I don’t know a lot about publishing, but I’ve heard that getting people to learn the title of the magazine is key. That might just be a rumor though.

He took the challenge of creating a privates-less, title-filled cover and this is what he came back with:

daniel is funny rough

Now my writing has to live up to the draft of the cover art. Great. Thanks a lot, Tony, and I mean that both sincerely and sarcastically.


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