I Want To Talk About Movies With You!

Working on a magazine all by yourself is a lonely business. Sometimes, I dress my dog in a t-shirt and then apologize to him for not doing the dishes, just so I can faintly remember what it feels like to have human contact. That’s why I want to talk to you about movies. I love movies.

dan and elm

Buddy cops.

Leave a comment below about anything movie-related. I want to know what your favorite movie is, or who your favorite actor/actress or director or screenwriter is, or why you enjoy Wes Craven’s The People Under The Stairs so much (or any movie, for that matter, but The People Under The Stairs would be a rad movie to talk about right now.) I’ll reply to each and every one of them, unless your movie of choice is Frogs, in which case, I’ll reply multiple times.

I know what you’re thinking: What do we get out of talking to you, you lonely, skinny weirdo? And the answer is that you get a sneak peek at the magazine. If you comment below, and join the conversation, I’m going to give you the choice to read one of five articles that are going into the debut issue of Daniel Is Funny to read, a month before the rest of the cold, cruel world gets to see it. Just comment below, and then send me your email in the Talk To Me box. It’s like seeing the future, only funnier.

Or, if you don’t care about the magazine, at least you get the benefit of talking about movies with someone. Everybody wins!


41 responses to “I Want To Talk About Movies With You!

  1. I have lots of favourite movies, too many to list but I have to say anything by the Coen Brothers gets my vote. I know they’re not exactly obscure or anything but the manner in which they mix such brilliant dark humour and thought-provoking themes throughout their films is magic for me. I also love ‘The Departed’. Mostly because of Dignam’s line: “are you calling us…” Don’t worry, I won’t bring your blog into disrepute and use the c word!

    • I’m glad you chose the Coen brothers. I don’t dig all of their films, but the ones I really like (Barton Fink, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, No Country For Old Men, Burn After Reading), are some of my favorite movies of all time.

      What’s your favorite Coen brothers film?

      • I love No Country For Old Men. In fact, it’s possibly my favourite film ever. I also love The Big Lebowski. I wasn’t a huge fan of Fargo, even though my brother thinks that’s blasphemy. But I was quite young when I watched it so I should probably give it another chance. O Brother, Where Art Thou? is AMAZING

      • I can’t get into The Big Lebowski. It’s a film that all of my friends worship at the altar of, but I seem to be a non-believer.

        And No Country For Old Men is the greatest novel adaptation ever filmed. It was the movie that made me start researching film, rather than simply going to see them.

      • I do love it, but I can concede that it is over-rated and worshipped too much as a “cult classic”.
        I agree, I can’t say enough good things about that movie. The depth of its themes, the cinematography, the villain…I could watch it a hundred times in a row.
        It’s actually on the curriculum that I teach but my school felt it was unsuitable. I’ll hopefully teach it some day, in the mean time I recommend it to everyone I come across!

      • I teach history and English lit., and there’s a film study component to it. It’s quite limited though because of the conservative nature of where I am (Ireland). There are some great choices though.

      • This year we decided on an Italian film called “I’m Not Scared”, it’s great. We also showed an Irish film called “Garage”, which won pretty big at Cannes a while back. It’s also great. Then we had the usual choices, like Casablanca and The Godfather. Mostly because our students actually hadn’t seen them.

      • They loved The Godfather, but they found the plot difficult to follow. They also liked Casablanca, maybe not as much, but they were impressed by it.

  2. I’ve started to get more and more into movies, one of my favourites is “Bringing Down the house” I wouldn’t have a clue who directed it, but Queen Latifah and Steve Martin really that’s just an amazing awesome movie.

    • I will watch anything that has Steve Martin in it. As someone who is both A) trying to be funny, and B) prematurely graying, Steve is an idol in about a thousand (two) different ways.

    • Such a great, great film on so many levels…all sick in the head 🙂 The fight scene in the locker room with Queen Latifah and the WASP is history making!

  3. I couldn’t tell you my favorite movie. I’m a movie junkie with an interest ranging from Porkys to Elizabeth to Brave to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. If it makes me laugh I love it, and if it makes me think I love it even more. The only thing i can say for certain is that I hate horror films. Cannot stand the anxiety. It stresses me out. And there’s the whole Paranormal Activity stuff is creepy as all get out. Couldn’t give you a favorite, but I did say what I hated!!

    • I didn’t appreciate musicals for the longest time, but I saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers fairly recently, and I really dug it. Porky’s is also great.

      However, I do really, really like a good horror film, though I can’t get into the Paranormal Activity films. I’d like them if they weren’t completely “found footage” movies, but they’re just a lot of waiting for something in rooms to move to me.

      • I live in Ireland now and have spent my fair share of time on putlocker and project free tv. It’s turned me into a night owl. Like right now it’s after 2am. I should be sleeping… but I’m choosing to social media hop with The Jerk playing in the background.

  4. Like most, too many favorites to list, but here are some that blew me away when I was young and saw them for the first time (you will see from the list that I am much older than you): The Naked Prey, Walkabout, The Warriors, My Bodyguard, Wolfen, Klute, The Conversation. As for Steve Martin, I love “Leap of Faith” and “LA Story”. And the schmaltzy “A Simple Twist of Fate” gets me every time, too!

    • I love 5 of those movies (Naked Prey, The Warriors, Wolfen, The Conversation and LA Story.) I only recently watched The Naked Prey, and it’s great. Brutal, raw and incredibly intense.

      • Glad you discovered it. Wilde and Gampu are both amazing. I still rewatch it about once a year. In an entirely different direction, here are two other favorites enjoyed equally by me, my ex-, and my sons, both happening to star Fred Ward: Tremors (who DOESN’T love Tremors?), and Remo Williams (an under-appreciated adorable film with a truly lousy first 10 minutes).

      • I’m a huge Tremors fan. But speaking of Fred Ward, have you ever seen Southern Comfort? It was made in 1982, and it’s like Deliverance, with a little more slasher movie elements.

      • Own the DVD (yes, still have DVDs, tho’ will get around to copying ’em to safer media one of these days). Ooh-ooh–I know another great and fun film that too few people know: Innocent Blood! Have you seen that one?

      • Same here. Okay, this could go on forever, so my last set: Some you may have missed and may think worth it: Matewan. Northern Lights. Lagaan. Grand Tour (Disaster in Time). The Hidden. The Spanish Prisoner. Six Degrees of Separation. Gloria (Cassavetes, Rowlands) Comedies: Grosse Point Blank. The Long Kiss Goodnight. Hopscotch (cornball!). Lars & The Real Girl. Mumford. So I Married An Ax Murderer. Drop Dead Gorgeous (chic hamfest). Kids’: Strings (Creative, worth seeing at least once). Okay, this was fun! Thanks!

  5. If I was forced to pick jes one…maybe 12 Monkeys…mmm…Maybe Miller’s Crossing…”Are You givin me the high hat?” Like one o yer earlier commenteers, I watch fer directors mostly so we could also throw Casino (or Good Fella’s) into that bunch…Is that to many #1 favorite movies…cause now I’m thinking Fear N Loathing another great Terry Gilliam film..

    • I like Miller’s Crossing. I also take it that you’re a Scorsese fan. Have you ever seen The King Of Comedy and Taxi Driver? I saw the former for the first time two days ago, and it’s so damn good. Taxi Driver is one of my all time favorites.

      • Both of those movies are great (I’m kind’a a movie nut). KoC isn’t very well known so bravo to you fer takin the chance. Rupert is one of DeNiro’s best characters and the two movies together really show off his wide range in acting ability.
        Yea plus Taxi Driver is where a lot o guys my age fell in love with ol Jodie Foster.
        If you like movies and are interested you should check out one o’ my other blogs randomwritesandrongs.com where I do a post dedicated to watchin n;reportin on some of my favorite (and not so) lesser known films etc, on NetFlix.
        I’d be honored n humbled to have such a distinguished guest as yerself 🙂

      • I agree with Rupert being one of DeNiro’s best characters. Also, Jerry Lewis gives a surprisingly good performance in that film. Favorite Scorsese film?

        I’ll check out that blog. I’m sure that I’ll enjoy it.

  6. With movies, as with music, I fear I am fairly tone-deaf. I hold Sliding Doors in as high esteem as I hold The Tree of the Wooden Clogs, and I’m told by film buffs that’s wrong. Jim Jarmusch just hurts my feelings with his inflated sense of self-importance. David Lynch ditto. Other auteurs though just endear themselves to me. There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason. Why put up with Herzog’s bullshit but not Jarmusch’s, for instance? (When I’m bored and alone sometimes I narrate my life in Herzog’s voice.) I complain about movies with bad plots, (I swear in 1996 I had an actual allergic reaction to Children of Paradise) but will happily watch any Olmi film over and over again even though nothing happens. Nothing happens so gorgeously! I like most of Dogma 95’s output but can’t abide their more obnoxious stuff. Julien Donkey Boy- lookin at you! Anything out of Nordic countries in general seems to be a safe bet. I dislike indy darlings. Little Miss Sunshine was trite bullshit. I generally like things where Helena Bonham Carter wears a corset, though the books of course, are always better. I dislike films that explore the grotesque for the sake of grotesque. Every lady of my age will tell you that Four Weddings and a Funeral would have been the perfect movie had ANYONE, ANYONE, even the late great SPH, been cast instead of Andie McDowell.
    I could go on a bit but that’s my gist.

    • I wanted to like Children of Paradise so much. So, so much. Mainly because I spent a lot on a Criterion copy of it. Didn’t enjoy it.
      What’s your favorite Herzog film? Over the last two years, I’ve been going through his filmography, and he’s incredible.
      What do you think of Von Trier, specifically?

      • I wouldn’t go on a date with Von Trier unless my mom, all of my best friends, and the Baltimore PD knew exactly where I was going. Dude has it out for the ladies. I saw C of P in a now defunct movie house where I saw lots of the classics for the first time. One of my best adolescent dates was Howard and It Happened One Night double feature. On the infamous C of P night I had a bizarre coughing fit which no number of sips of water nor hard candies would cure, and I spent much of the second half in the lobby, choking with tears streaming down my face. I mean- great! You made a movie under Nazi occupation! Did it have to suck so much? That and Potemkin have been two of my top five cinematic disappointments. The top being the monstrosity that was Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I feel really badly for the eight year old who was sitting next to me during that one, who got to listen to me say “What the FUCK is this BULLSHIT DADDY ISSUES BULLSHIT doing in one of the FINEST TALES IN HISTORY?!?!?!” about every fifteen seconds.

      • I feel that, eventually, someone is going to come to their senses and stop handing Tim Burton the rights to direct adaptations of thing. I can’t think of a director with a more disappointing latter half of his career. It’s as if he was directly affected by the Millennium Bug, and the only escapes that he’s had from it were portions of Big Fish and Sweeney Todd.

  7. Yeah, Tim Burton and Peter Jackson just both need to stop it. Okay- Tim Burton needs to stop it. Peter Jackson needs to be convinced to turn his epics into HBO series where he will neither have to kill off Tom Bombadil nor pad the second installment of the Hobbit with shit that did not happen, nor make us sit through a three hour version of King Kong, which, even while heavily stoned, I could not endure. Game of Thrones it, Jackson! That’s your medium! I think that’s all I have to say about movies except that Ingmar Bergman was probably the best thing ever. Besides Sliding Doors, of course.

      • Oh, and I think I like Herzog’s documentary stuff the best. The ponderous voiceover in Cave of Forgotten Dreams slays me, informs me, and gives me something for my brain to chew on for weeks.
        . I also like Grizzly man quite a lot. There’s some kind of- I don’t know how to quite articulate it, but a lack of self-recognition that’s also common in small children and puppies, which combined with quite a large amount of intelligence, just turns him into something adorable, and the more ridiculous he is the more adorable I find him.

  8. Stage Door. Best all female cast ever.

    This statement in no way rates my entire movie/book/musical range, I just think it is perfect, as movies go.

    Best adaptation of a book :The Little Princess with Shirley Temple.

    So far. Imo and other disclaimers. Also you are my favorite boy blogger. I haven’t been happy since Sad Tomato went off the air some 5? or years ago.

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