What Is The Greatest Song Of All Time?

When you spend all day writing a magazine, you have to endure a lot silence. At any one point during the day, a room can be filled with up to fifty ghosts, and despite how spiritually crowded that makes your office, it doesn’t help to raise the noise level. I need music to drown out the silence. That last sentence was my attempt at writing a John Green novel.

I'm the sad one on the left. My brother is the happy guy on the right.

I’m the sad one on the left. My brother is the happy guy on the right.

I want to know what the greatest song of all time is. Much like when I asked you to talk to me about movies, I’d like for you to comment below and tell me what song I absolutely need to listen to, and why. If you’ve read Daniel is funny for a little while, you know that I have incomprehensibly bad taste in music, so I need to find new things to enter my ear buds and wash out all the Flo and all the Rida.

I know what you’re thinking: What do we get out of talking to you, you lonely, skinny weirdo? And the answer is that you get a sneak peek at the magazine. If you comment below, and join the conversation, I’m going to give you the choice to read one of five articles that are going into the debut issue of Daniel Is Funny to read, a month before the rest of the cold, cruel world gets to see it. Just comment below, and then send me your email in the Talk To Me box. It’s like seeing the future, only funnier.

So what is audio’s greatest triumph? What is a music video that is too insane to be forgotten? What do I need to crash my Spotify with?


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7 responses to “What Is The Greatest Song Of All Time?

  1. I want to say I have an eclectic music taste. I think many anime openings by Yoko Kanno God Blessed music talent’s direction are good so listen to Origa and Shanti Snyder’s “Inner Universe” then also listen to other artists like listen to “B.Y.O.B” by System of a Down, listen to “Vaporous” by Elsiane, listen to “Eyes of Truth” by Enigma, listen to ” I wish you were here” by Incubus, listen to “Daft Punk” by Pentonix, listen to “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk, listen to “Guilty” by Marina and the Diamonds, listen to “Cosmic Love” by Florence + the Machine, listen to “Girl Anachronism” by Dresden Dolls, listen to “Blue” by Birthday Massacre, listen to “Nonanimal” by Andrew Bird, listen to “Tip of my tongue” by Civil Wars, listen to “Letters from the sky” by Civil Twilight and listen to “Horchata” by Vampire Weekend some songs of different genres 🙂

  2. Nope. No greatest. Too many greats. Here are some you are probably too young to have caught: Cissy Houston singing Herbie Mann’s “Cajun Moon”. John Mayall’s “Room to Move”. Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks “Waitress in a Donut Shop” (not Muldaur version, tho’ hers good). Ry Cooder’s first album. Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon”. Sparks “Here in Heaven”. Bolling’s “Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano”.
    If you really want to train your ear, listen to lots of Hendrix and Jack White, Beethoven and Bach (Bach for counterpoint–your brain needs to pay attention). Add Puccini and Wagner. Incl. Pavarotti, Christina Aguilera–anyone who can really SING. Listen to ALL genres–“even” country. Kanye to Reba McIntyre. By doing this, you WILL develop an ear, and if it isn’t one of which your friends approve…eff ’em.

  3. It is absolutely impossible to listen to Men Without Hats’ Pop Goes The World without becoming 7-year-old-on-a-massive-sugar-high-happy.
    Of course, then again I tend to feel the same way about Head On- Jesus and Mary Chain OR Pixies, I don’t particularly care. It leads to the kind of head thrashing behavior in cars (and sometimes that embarrassing thing you do when you pretend your cellie is a microphone) that makes me wish tinted windows were standard features.

  4. *Sigh* Just one song? Really? I want to join this conversation so bad because music is my life! Okay maybe not my whole life but it’s a big deal to me. I know I”m breaking the rule here but I have to list at least a few of my favorites because there’s no way to keep to just one. Sorry. First off – I’d give Ugly Americans “Vulcan Death Grip” a try. I think it’ll probably suit your sense of humor (I could be wrong but it’s fun). I say anything by Bruce Springsteen (i.e. Dancing in the Dark, Human Touch and The Rising are a few good examples) and for the sake of keeping this relatively small – my final one is Jimi Hendrix’s “May This Be Love.” I have so, so many more I’d list but I’ll keep it to that. Hope you enjoy!

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