13 More Rules That Men Have (That Women Need To Learn)

I recently read a list of 21 rules that women need to learn about men. Aside from being moronically dumb, it didn’t even scratch the surface of all the secrets that men have that women are unaware of. Here are thirteen more! Come on, ladies! Keep up with the stereotypes!

1. When you make the tears from your face, it’s an attack on us. We feel threatened. Tears are the devil’s forecast, or something. Don’t be sad or confused or anything. Be pleasant.

2. When you whisper, it’s like you’re trying to make yourself hard to hear. Speak up!

3. If we’re at the bar, don’t talk.

4. Playing video games is the only way to get us NOT TO MURDER.

5. Every dinner should be pork and nothing else.

6. Have you ever seen The Boondock Saints?

7. When you say “Do the dishes,” we hear it as “Blah, blah, blah marriage.” Seriously, we do!

8. Some of us are actually werewolves!

9. When we hit 30, we lose all emotions and become stone golems. Doctors call it “puberty 2.”

10. If you ask us questions, we don’t listen. It’s not because we hate you, it’s because we just don’t like you. We’re as stuck in this sinking ship of a romance as you are!

11. We have secret penises hidden in various locations on our bodies. A man’s body is a Where’s Waldo? of penises.


13. When you leave the toilet seat down, WE MURDER.


10 responses to “13 More Rules That Men Have (That Women Need To Learn)

  1. I cannot quite describe how weary I am of certain lines of thought: Dude: “All girls are [cheating whores/bitches/obsessed with clothes/princesses/I only pork them because I am biologically compelled to but damn if I could suck my own dick or if my self worth didn’t hinge on a hot girl I totally wouldn’t.
    Dames: “Dudes are all assholes/cheating assholes/uncommunicative assoles/shallow assholes who all want someone with bigger/smaller boobs, a bigger/smaller butt, someone younger and if my self esteem didn’t revolve around around having a boyfriend to take to my friends’ weddings and having vaginal orgasms which I regularly fake, I totally wouldn’t.”
    Maybe if you think your partner is ridiculous/shallow/assholish/cheating/whatever- and maybe if that’s been such a pattern you’re imposing your observations on 50% of the population, then maybe that’s on you? You have some work to do?

    • It was humour but yeah generalizing is a bad thing. I was thinking how in many places smart guys and girls are not liked and how only if they are economic millionaires do they matter. What? There are so many things people can do intelligence and emotions, good or bad so yeah.

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