4 Alfred Hitchcock Adaptations That Hated Alfred Hitchcock (DOOM Magazine)

“The world hasn’t heard much from Alfred Hitchcock ever since Hulk Hogan slammed him in the Pontiac Silverdome at Wrestlemania III. But, before that, he left a vast legacy of films that other people couldn’t help but tamper with. You would think that, with films of the caliber of Psycho , The Birds and Rear Window , that the drop off in quality when it came to making more “like” them wouldn’t be so steep. But if you can dream it, you can do it, and the dreams of the makers of Bates Motel are only screams. It’s a new year, so I thought I’d celebrate it by going through some of the worst New Years’ Resolutions ever made, and they’re all “based on a film by Alfred Hitchcock.””

That’s the first paragraph from my new feature in issue 5 of DOOM Magazine “4 Alfred Hitchcock Adaptations That Hated Alfred Hitchcock.” If you’d like to read more, download the issue by clicking here, or just follow the Tumblr and download every issue by clicking here. 

This is our best issue yet, and I love how hard my friends are working to make this all come together.

Please don't ruin my legacy.

Please don’t ruin my legacy.

On a sadder note, I’ll have a new list for you tomorrow, but then I’ll be taking the rest of February, and most of March off from writing jokes for this site. I have a magazine to finish, and I’d really like to perfect that and not publish a big stack of garbage. It’s been a pleasure writing so many pieces for you lately, and I can’t wait for you all to read the first issue of Daniel Is Funny. I’ll be back in late March, with a Wrestlemania themed piece that I’m sure will kick ass.


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