Transcribing Godzilla’s Roar

Scientists have learned what different whale songs mean. I see no reason why they shouldn’t attempt to do the same thing with Godzilla. So, for the benefit of the study of biology, I have analyzed and transcribed the Godzilla roar that was released yesterday.


No one really knows that I’m here yet, so I think I should roar. It would be an excellent way to introduce myself to the city. I really hope that I don’t have a crack in my voice when I start out. Deep and bellowing, like I practiced.


Oh, dammit. Now no one is gonna be impressed. Good going, Godzilla. Your first time demolishing San Francisco and you mess up the roar. You might as well just walk back into the ocean and sleep until the next nuclear disaster jostles you. Idiot.


I’m no quitter. Nope, not me. I’m the King of the Monsters. And when I roar, I do it however I want to do it, for as long as I want.


Okay, just a bit longer. People in Oakland might not have heard me.


Is that an airplane?


Oh, damn. That sounds cool. This is going to go really well. Score one for the day.


Is that an echo, or is that still me? Are there any lady Godzillas?


Alright. Let’s let all that sink in before I roar again. Give the people time to contemplate the atomic bombshell track that I just laid on them.


I’m lonely.


I wish the new Godzilla posters were more like this one, so I posted this one.

I wish the new Godzilla posters were more like this one, so I posted this one.

3 responses to “Transcribing Godzilla’s Roar

  1. It was even funnier the second time I read it. Only, I imagine the fade occurs because the big G. looks down and finally realizes that–just like Reptar–he, too, is nakey. And if that WAS a Lady G., too bad for him.

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