Music Video Film School: “Animals” by Martin Garrix

You’re Next was the best horror film of 2013, and it featured a family besieged by psychopaths wearing animals masks. There were also a lot of plot twists involved, enough twists to fill at least two more You’re Next movies. So, thankfully, Martin Garrix didn’t take the direct sequel route with the video for his hit “Animals.” Think of this as an expansion of the You’re Next mythology.

The video opens with a fire starting, which could either be relevant later, or just a scene with a fire starting. In fact, if it didn’t play a role later in the video, the fire would be completely normal. Starting a fire is pretty standard in pop music videos because of metaphors and shit. After that, we see a man holding a clock, wearing a black hoodie with a tiger face on the back. He completes his spring season tiger motif with a tiger mask. Animal masks and dark clothing are an extremely hip fashion statement in the You’reNextiverse, popular among home intruders everywhere.

He’s accompanied by a gang of animal mask wearers, including people in bunny masks. They seem excited, because they’re knocking shit (and each other) around, and are attempting dance moves in the small hallway. To kick things off, the tiger masked man holds up his clock in the most literal way of saying “It’s Party TIME” ever.


The gang pushes through the small crowd of dancers and people playing cards on the floor, and the tiger masked man makes his way to the DJ platform, while the guy in the bunny mask break dances. Why are they playing a card game in the middle of a busy dance floor? Don’t card games usually require focus and some communication? You’d think that, at some point, someone would say “Guys, this might have been a bad location. It’s really loud in here.”



The tiger masked man takes over the role of DJ for a little bit, making the theme not only one of anarchy, but also environmentalism. We live in a world where tigers should be allowed to be DJ’s, but all we do is plow down the rain forests. Then, since this is a You’re Next movie, the gang of animal masked hooligans destroys a car with baseball bats and crowbars. Whose car is it? Whoever it is, they’re probably next. They then light the car on fire, and tiger masked man reveals himself to be…song creator DJ Martin Garrix?!? Why would he sabotage his own show like that? How were people supposed to be surprised that it was Martin Garrix the whole time? He’s a DJ. No one has any idea of what he looks like.

Really poor plotting here.



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