You Won’t Believe How Many (12) List Ideas I Have!

List articles are extremely popular right now. Do you know more than two things that have vaguely similar qualities? Write a list article about them! And you don’t have to go the route and research anything, because research won’t earn you the immediate gratification of seeing that list posted today! Just write the entry headers and possibly post a few pictures and you’re set! Haha! The internet!

But what if you don’t even have the energy to come up with things? What if you want to be a famous internet writer, but can’t be bothered to compile some comparable shit? With the list you’re about to read, you’ll be able to skip the preparation stage, blast through the earning credibility through social media stage, and move right on to the book deal stage. They’re lists that are perfectly designed to be easily read and easily shared. These (LIST NUMBER) lists are completely factual and sure to impress every lazy managing editor ready to publish anything that might give their Facebook fan page a bigger presence!

44 American Presidents That Just Were

Six Star Wars Movies That Happened

One Picture Of One Cat That You Will Believe Is A Cat Because It’s Unarguably A Cat

The 2 Sides Of Harvey Dent’s Face

All 50 States

You Won’t Believe How Many Cards Are In This Regular, Unopened Deck Of Playing Cards!

Count The Number Of Fingers On Your Hands

The Word “Vin Diesel”

These Are The Names Of The Different Grades In High School

2 Slices Of A Pie That’s Been Cut In Half

7 Minus 3 Equals

Every List Article Published By This Website Today. LISTS. LISTS. LISTS. TOO HARD TO READ IF IT AINT A LIST.













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