Hashtag Life

“I don’t think this hashtag is gonna catch on,” Charles said. He drooped his head low. “I think this campaign might be ruined.”

Richard, who was six months Charles’ senior, watched him from across the four person table in the NUCLEUS Marketing Group’s meeting room. He felt bad for the boy, but his two-and-a-half years of experience in the marketing world made him aware that sometimes, these things took time. “Just give it a bit, bud,” he said, standing up and wondering if Jimmy John’s was still open. “I’m sure, by tomorrow, we’ll have something trending.”

“I don’t know.” Charles raised his head to look at Richard. “Hashtag wearedesign? It just doesn’t sound like something that would get people’s attention. I still feel like ‘hashtag designit’ would be better. COSMIC Graphics and Design was really relying on us to come up with something that would increase their page ranks, and I just feel like…” Charles sighed heavily. “I just feel like we failed them.”

Richard could see the sadness in Charles’ eyes. It reminded him of a time when he himself had thought his career was over. A start up company that he’d created at twenty-four with a few friends: AUSTIN WORX. It had been like a child to him. He’d done everything possible to try and ensure its success, everything from emailing and asking people with popular websites to host his content, to emailing businesses, and asking them if they had a way to host some of his content. But it had all collapsed, and he’d moved back home, to Austin, where he’d grown up, and gone to school, and still lived, and wallowed in his depression for four years.

He couldn’t let that happen to Charles.

“You want to get some Jimmy John’s and think it over?” he asked. “Sure, I guess,” Charles said.

They both quickly left the meeting room, and Richard noticed that the only person still left in the office was Lee, the junior copywriter. He thought about inviting him, before realizing that Lee had just broken up with his girlfriend and was about to move to Seattle. Better not invite Lee. Lee was a fucking buzzkill.

“Hashtag Jimmy John’s,” Charles said, and Richard let out a loud laugh.

Richard had gone to college for six years.


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