Local Man Celebrates Decade of Having “Headstrong” As His Favorite Song


Though he lost the original CD at a YMCA youth group lock in, twenty-five-year-old Greensboro resident Lee Bukes claims that none of the fervor that originally drew him to “Headstrong,” the debut single from the band TRAPT, has dissipated.

“I won’t lie. It’s been a crazy last couple of years,” Bukes admitted yesterday. “My friend Mark used to be really into it too, but now he’s just a fucking poser.” Bukes, who has recently set out to start a t-shirt design company, claims that, despite the trials of growing older, “Headstrong” has been the one consistent thing in his life. “It’s my workout song, my pre-gaming song,” Bukes said. “Back in, like, ’05, it used to show up in movie trailers all the time and god! I’d just get so pumped.”

Bukes, who is no longer on speaking terms with the mother of his daughter, says that, when he’s feeling depressed, there’s no better solution than to pull out his mp3 player, and listen to TRAPT’s self-titled debut album a few times. “Man, if you’re not ready for the world, it will mess you up,” he says. “You just have to be ready to take it on. Take on anyone, you know?” After this, Bukes apologized for cutting the interview short, and walked down to the gas station to buy a four pack of AMP energy drinks.

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