Tennessee Resident Confused About All Of The Recent Hobby Lobby Hate


Eighty-two-year-old native of Mountain City, Tennessee, Eleanor Reavis, seemed entirely perplexed when told that a recent Supreme Court ruling had given the craft store Hobby Lobby a black eye. Reavis, who has never learned how to use a computer, says that when her son, also a resident of Mountain City, made his weekly visit and told her the news, she couldn’t fathom as to why people would be so angry at the world’s finest dealer of trays, coasters and place mats. “Their drawer knobs aren’t cheap, and I can see why you’d get your feathers ruffled about that, but a Supreme Court Case? Someone must have been really ripped off on their glass décor,” Reavis says.

Even after being told that the Hobby Lobby case dealt a huge blow towards women seeking contraceptive coverage, Reavis stayed strong in her opinion: “There’s a little frog in the back, a little stone frog. And it says ‘Welcome’ on the side of it. I asked my son to pick one up for me so that I could put it in the backyard. And if he can’t do that, well, I’m going to have to go to Hobby Lobby and give someone a piece of my mind.”


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