And Here Is Your Friend Who Liked THE PURGE Too Much

(I don’t mean to create a negative stereotype, but everyone that I’ve talked to who liked The Purge fits into one specific category of person.)

Hey, dude. Nah, I skipped leg day today. Sorry. I’ll let you know ahead of time next time. I just didn’t feel like it, ya know? I’ll hit chest and tri’s tomorrow.

But hey, man, did you see The Purge? Holy shit, right? Okay, like, me and Brittany went to Redbox last night, and I wanted to get Ride Along but she was like “No, please. Let’s watch The Purge. I heard it was soooo good.” So I looked up my Redbox coupon on my phone, and we got both of ‘em.

Ride Along was whatever. Eh. I mean, it was kinda funny, but it was one of those movies, ya know, where they show everything in the preview. I mean, you might like it. It was just whatever to me.

But, man, have you seen that movie The Purge yet? Holy shit. It blew my mind.

Like, what would you do, ya know? Like, I feel like I could take someone in a fight, but, man, I feel like, if that actually happened, we’d all be so dead, ya know?

Do they have any Fire Sauce packets here? I’ll just put a shit ton of mild sauce on it.

Okay, so, like there’s these people in this big ass house, and the thing is, like, crime becomes legal for one day a year, for one night. And the dad is the main guy from Sinister, I think. But they have to defend their house from these gangs that all wear masks and it was so crazy, dude.

Like, okay. If you had to grab one weapon, what would you use? Dude, I’d totally grab, like, a gun. Because you’ll need it. Or I’d probably grab, like, a knife and put it on my belt, and then grab a baseball bat or something, and just hang out in my basement.

Do you need a refill?

But yeah, dude. You should totally rent it. Or at least torrent it. It’s probably the best movie I saw all year. That, and Noah. That movie was nuts, dude.


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