A Letter From Andy, Who Patiently Awaits ‘Batman 5’

Dear Warner Bros,

My name is Andy Kreeling, and I am thirty-four years old. I understand that you are all extremely busy people, and I respect that. However, despite your full schedules, you have committed an oversight that cannot be ignored. For whatever reason, you seem to have forgotten to make a Batman 5.

I would be lying if I said that this kind of error in judgment didn’t make me at least a little peeved. You see, many people on the internet (myself included) were disappointed in Batman & Robin, which I believe is mostly due to the lack of development in the character of Batgirl, played by the talented Alicia Silverstone. This is the kind of problem that could be easily fixed in a sequel, as it is the nature of sequels to add more story to a story that already exists. There were other complaints levied against the jokes and campy tone, something that could also be solved with a sequel, one that would be much more in line with the subdued tone of films like Batman Forever.


Now, I’ve done the math, and it’s been a total of seventeen years since the release of Batman & Robin. A fool would immediately concur that that is far too long of a wait to release a sequel after. However, the Star Wars prequels came out sixteen years after the end of the Return of the Jedi, and they chronologically takes place thirty-two years BEFORE A New Hope, which means, technically, they happened fifty-four years after they should have. Considering that, a Batman 5 should be no issue. The heroic stories of Batman and Robin and their struggles against Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy have influenced pop culture for decades, and much like A New Hope, they are not so easily forgotten.

Now, as an avid lover of cinema, I am aware that there has been a new trilogy of Batman films that were entirely unrelated to the previous quadrilogy. Thus, I am not sure if this was an elaborate prank on me and audiences worldwide, or if you really just expected us to forget the events that took place in Batman & Robin. Try as I have, I have come to the conclusion that linking the two “series” (if you can even consider the last 3 films to be truly canon) is impossible. The stories simply don’t match up, and while I find this fraud to be mean-spirited, I am willing to accept it, and move past it. Forgive and forget, ya know?


Saying that you did not at least partly consider making a Batman 5 would also be a falsity. Message boards in late ‘98/early ’99 were ablaze with rumors of Batman: Triumphant, with hints of the Scarecrow and Man-Bat being chosen as the primary villains. I have linked to multiple posts on my Batman fansite www.andysbatcave.freewebs.com, along with pieces of concept art that I, myself, have drawn. Blatantly ignoring your own fanbase like this is like giving us morsels of food and then, when we are close, pulling that hand back and refusing to give it to us. It’s hurtful, and is a deceitful, insincere way to do business, and if you keep it up with this Batman Vs. Superman film, it will eventually turn fans against you. Keep that in mind.

In conclusion, I admire all the work that you have done on Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin, and I wish the see that work continued with a Batman 5. Misleading fans any longer is shameful, and I know that you will understand it when I say, and I’m speaking for the whole internet here, BRING ON BATMAN 5.


Andy “genuinefreak80” Kreeling




One response to “A Letter From Andy, Who Patiently Awaits ‘Batman 5’

  1. haha, i like that you manage to ‘keep it krill’ (haha, get it, like that meme) and use the letters from your fans that they send in. maybe i can send in my own letter for you to use, mabye something about breakups and edging, i’ll keep you updated

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