Take It Easy, Daniel Is Funny. I’ll See You Later

Two things:

First of all, I’d like to give a hearty “Thank you so, so much” to everyone who has read and enjoyed danielsfunny.com over the past 3 years. Writing these articles, and lists, and life stories has brought me happiness and relief like I never thought possible. For 3 years, danielsfunny.com was my resume, my portfolio, and my diary, and I’m glad that other people have had the chance to dig it too.

Second, I’m not abandoning this site entirely. It will still be used sparingly, to update everyone on current projects and such. But it won’t be the consistent source of joke delivery that it has been, at least for a while.  I have new ventures that I’d like to devote my time to. I’d really like to write a few books, for instance. I hope it all works out, and I’ll be approaching it with the same mantra that I had when I started Daniel Is Funny: “Anything goes.”

Once again, thanks for all of your support. You’ve been fantastic.


3 responses to “Take It Easy, Daniel Is Funny. I’ll See You Later

  1. Blake has already wrung the last drop of tenderness and poignancy from this most touching occasion. I know I LITERALLY cried an entire ocean in response.

    Thus, making a bountiful new sea habitat–FOR KRILL.

    (jeez i had to work that… Blake, you had me laughing my already insufficient-#ss off!)

  2. Daniel, thank you for the “fantastic”–will just assume am included in that–and, if this semi-retirement really does happen this time: The best of luck in your new efforts, even if they may deprive us for now of your usual generous shares of humor, observation, intelligence, morals, wit, and sarcasm.

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