I’ve been eating some Invisible Candy

For this, and every subsequent post about the book Invisible Candy, I was going to try and write some clever title that included the words “Invisible Candy,” but it seems that I ran out of wit before I even started the first one. Expect to see “Invisible Candy Has Been Making Me Fat” and “Invisible Candy is a wrap(per).” I’m sorry for my existence.

I sent some substantial chunks of the book out to friends, writers, and a few editors that I know yesterday, and the feedback has been awesome! And “awesome” is way better than what I expected, which is a bunch of people that I know and love, telling me “Please, Daniel. Do anything but this.”

I’m glad to finally be making substantial progress on this thing. I’ve expanded it from the original concept of just being a collection of narrative non fiction, and I’ve decided to include some short stories, some essays, and even some poetry. I’m not setting myself up for a deadline just yet, but it’s getting there.

Invisible Candy cover

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