Do you know the things of Star Wars? When people say “Doctor Who,” do you recognize just WHO they are talking about? Do you have a clue about this X-Men shit that they keep making movies for?

If so, you might be perfect to write for GEEXPLOSION, the new one stop shop for geeks, gamers and any die-hard fans of fucking anything that might be around. We’re currently looking for talented, nerdy writers who have a passion for comics and video games and TV shows and movies and trending topics about all of the stuff I just mentioned, who are willing to commit to writer/columnist/editorial positions. GEEXPLOSION isn’t your regular entertainment site. Our nerdy writers come from a variety of geeky backgrounds. Some are white guys from New Jersey, and one is a white girl from Colorado, and they all are deeply obsessed with the laser-ey, nerdy kapows! that are so popular on the internet nowadays. We’re looking for geeky writers who know whether or not Han Solo would win in a fight with Indiana Jones and are willing to create crude infographics about it. We’re especially looking for geeky cosplay fanatics to join our COSPLAGUE section. I hear that that’s pretty popular. People seem to like the pictures.

Note that this is a NON-PAYING position. We are looking for writers who will do it for the LOVE of their interest, and those who join our elite team will get a chance at the exposure provided by the rapidly growing GEEXPLOSION fan base, and any swag that the Editor-In-Chief doesn’t want. Paid opportunities may come down the road, but, for right now, we’re just looking for geeky people who are fueled by their nerd nerd nerd Tardis and Asian horror films. GEEXPLOSION!

If you’re interested in becoming trapped next to a GEEXPLOSION, send us a telepathic message (like any good Spider Man would do……), or just a regular old email with the following:

Name/Contact Information

Topics That You’re Interested In

How Much You Tell Yourself That You Love Your Marketing/Sales Assistant Position Everyday

Her Name. The One Who Hurt You

Any Relevant Writing Samples (blogs, tweets, Facebook statuses, spreadsheets,)

Catch you on the geek side!


Name that character!



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