5 Great Pick-Up Lines For Your Local Coffee Shop Barista

There’s nothing like being in the front of a long line and knowing that the cute coffee shop barista wants you as badly as you want her. And there’s nothing that everyone in that long line loves seeing more than the extended flirting and burgeoning romance between a girl doing her job, and a guy who is both witty and alluring.

Here are five great pick-up lines that will get your local barista hooked and begging for more!


Start it off simple. “Hey,” is a great way to let someone know “I’m a person, and not a dog or an alien. I know how this human interaction shit is supposed to go.”

Can I get a (insert order here)

Slow down with the marriage proposal, fella! You don’t want to come on too strong in the opening stages! Remember why you came to this coffee shop in the first place: to order the caffeine necessary to fuel the remaining, numbing hours of the day. Telling her your order let’s her know that you’re a man who knows what he wants. Confidence is everything.

Leave some room for cream. And a little extra for love.

Leave some room for cream. And a little extra for love.

I’m good.

She asked you how you were doing, man! She might do that all day, to everyone who comes in, but where you need to make an impression is in the response. React positively to this. Let her understand that your outlook on life, and relationships, is an optimistic one. No one likes a Darryl Downer.

Oh, debit, please.

Money impresses the ladies, AM I RIGHT? Let her know that you have enough cash to put some of it in a bank. If you didn’t, it would just fall out of your pockets and get swept up in the wind, and you’re more responsible than that.


And walk away, Fabio. Most importantly, just walk away. Keep the mystery intact.


3 responses to “5 Great Pick-Up Lines For Your Local Coffee Shop Barista

  1. haha, i am not so sure about the debit thing. .lol but this is different than anything i have read before. by the way check out my post about best songs for long distance relationships

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