Would You Guys Like To Make A Movie With “Spider-Man” In The Title?

Hey guys. I think it’s about time we made another movie with Spider-Man in it. Or has the word “Spider-Man” in the title. Either one works for me, really.

Look, I’ve been running this company for thirty years, and there’s nothing in this business that makes a little more money than what we put into it than movies with “Spider-Man” in the title. I don’t care who you cast. Hire some writers. The guys who wrote the last one, if you want to be a nerd about the whole thing. It really doesn’t matter. It should be autopilot at this point.

We have $220 million dollars to spend on it. Something with “Spider-Man” in the title is assured to make us at least $235 million, so why not? Kids love shit with “Spider-Man” in the title. Adults too. We’ll put out action figures and t-shirts of whoever happens to be in it. The guy who looks like an octopus. That’s the only one I know, but people will love him. Get that new Star Trek kid to play him. People seem to love that guy too. Maybe he can be Spider-Man. Honestly, who fucking cares?

Look, I’m no “creator.” Just put “Spider-Man” in the title and go to work. Do anything you want. We’ll worry about the plot when we get all of it shot. Fire that writer from before. He sucks.

Are you ready? Okay, guys. Let’s make some magic that has “Spider-Man” in the title.

  • Your fearless Exec P

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