You Guys Want To Get Drunk And Fight?

Who’s tryin’ to fight? You look liked you’d like to fight later. How about we get drunk and fight? That way, if people ask us why we’re fighting, it’s because we’re drunk, but we won’t tell them it’s really because we want to fight.


So, if you see anybody that wants to fight, point them in my direction. Say “Hey. You look like you’re trying to fight. Go over there and test your luck.” And then we’ll fight. Just two guys workin’ through issues they had with distant fathers. Just fightin’ it out.

I’ll fight people who don’t want to fight. They may give the illusion that they want to fight by getting within fighting range of me, but, deep down, I know they don’t want to fight me. I’ll take shots and fight those guys all night.

Girls don’t want to make out with guys who want to get into fights, and that just makes me want to get into more fights. Not fights with girls, but the guys standing beside those girls, talking to those girls? I’ll get drunk and fight the fuck out of them. I’ll fight them until someone starts fighting me for fighting them. And then, I’ll fight them too. Don’t try to fight me, bro.

So, let’s get drunk and fight. I’ve got a lot of pent up masculinity issues to work through, and I need a safe, blameless environment. We can do this here, or we can do this outside. I’m drunk. Let’s fight.


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