You’re So Good, But You’re So Bad, Baby

Are you a bad girl? Mmmmm. Tell me that you’re a bad girl. Tell me that you like to get naughty.

You’re such a bad girl.

Oooh, baby. Well, maybe you’re not such a bad girl. You’re more of an antihero to be honest. Oooh, yeah. Because you fit all the tropes of being an antihero. Ooooh, yeah. Tell me that you’re an antihero. Whisper in my ear that you might do awful things, but it’s for a good cause.

Just like that. Just like that.

Tell me how you lack traditional heroic attributes, girl. Say my name and tell me how your moral compass is the same as mine, but you just operate differently.

Oh, you’re a vigilante. You’re a vigilante, baby.

Come on. Come on. You’re like Satan in John Milton’s Paradise Lost, honey. Don’t stop. Be my Severus Snape, baby. Tell me about your positive qualities that can’t be seen easily because of your pride. Tell me about how it gets in the way of you being accepted by the general public. Oh, don’t stop. Oh, your intentions are so ambiguous. So ambiguous! So much grey area! Snake Plissken me all night long. OOOOOHHHH!

You’re such an antihero, baby. You’re so good, but you’re so bad.


2 responses to “You’re So Good, But You’re So Bad, Baby

  1. This sums up popular culture or mainstream so well I don’t know what to say except laugh my ass off good but at the same time bad way XD

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