I’ve had 3 new columns come up at Cracked.com recently, and you should all read them!

The first is about Hellboy’s greatest enemy: trains.

6 Action Stars Who Survived Shit That Would Kill Superman

The second is about movie series that are 2 fast and 2 furious.

5 Movie Series That Started Terrible and Ended Up Awesome

And the third is about Tila Tequila and Hitler.

4 Depressing Epilogues to Popular Reality Shows


2 responses to “3 NEW CRACKED COLUMNS

  1. I read your posts. The one about weird “real life” Tv stars writing books and blog was noteworthy as in I seriously didn’t know that those stars did that or that Mark Ruffalo in 2002 had a walnut sized brain tumour. Yeah you are right I don’t think Superman devoid of his powers do get much say. That is the similarity he has with Captain America. I find that superhero movies do not necessarily do character exposes. I know people hated Iron Man 3 but I liked how it showed Tony Stark as Stark as a reckless genius and at times really selfish but also attempting to get over PTSD and improve himself and try to make sure that Pepper and he are still in a relationship. It made him an average guy. Well, interesting reads Daniel. By the way,. are you still going to the gym to try to get more fit?

  2. Really enjoyed that first one. Love the way you stopped to ageism for a laugh (I might have, too, only I wouldn’t have been as funny). Dang, that Hackman is impressive off-screen too, huh?

    Re: The F&F films–Does one gotta sit through the bunch to get to the better ones, in order for them to make sense? ‘Cause I’ve tried, really, but fallen asleep each time during “2”. Can I skip ahead–can I? Pls?

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