I Can Totally Relate To This Song: “Into The Night” by Chad Kroeger & Santana

When I was eighteen, I fell for a girl who only sort of liked me back. It wasn’t totally unrequited, but our feelings for each other were definitely on different points of the spectrum. I was like her relationship understudy. If someone got sick or messed up their schedule, I was called to fill in the line readings. I was constantly trying to get myself a spot as the lead role though, and these attempts escalated through shitty poetry and lingering phone calls until, eventually, she just stopped answering. And that’s a good thing, because if eighteen-year-old Daniel is going to share with you one piece from his blue writing folder, you better be prepared to clear off your desk, make some coffee, and dig into the whole damn anthology.  At the time, the song that represented all of this emotional turmoil was “Into The Night,” by Santana and Chad Kroeger.


“It was love from above that could save me from hell.”

Sometimes I curse and other times, I mix vodka with orange juice in Gatorade bottles. But you can rescue me from this troubled life. Only you, girl who was totally the angel figure in the poem that I read to you that was in no way about you because that would be crazy.

“She had fire in her soul/it was easy to see”

You are on the dance team and laugh at almost half of my jokes, phoenix.

“And we danced on into the night”

This is my way of asking you to prom. I’m sorry for all of me.

Santana ft Chad Kroeger - Into The Night

“Like a piece of the puzzle that falls into place”

I’m getting uncomfortable with how long it’s taken for us to start dating. I’m sure we will soon though. All the time we spent making these bad choices, you with your normal activities and me with my vague Myspace bulletins, will seem poetic eventually.

“Ay, oh, ay, oh, ay, oh, ay”

This is WAY better than “Photograph.”

“…we lost track of time”

Please enjoy my company.

“…the look on our faces”

I made that joke in our AIM conversation about kissing and I just want you to know that if we DID kiss, it wouldn’t be weird. It wouldn’t because we talk in the hallways before class and THAT’S not weird.

“Every soul in the room keeping time with their hands”

She invited me to see Spider-Man 3? I’m gonna need more deodorant for this. And my hair gel has already worn off. Black t-shirt, or black t-shirt and hoodie?

 “Ay, oh, ay, oh, ay, oh, ay”

I’ve been practicing the guitar.




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