Be The Kind Of Person That Other People Want To Get Arby’s With


Be kind. The world does not have enough kindness in it, and while being kind with no thought of what you will get in return can seem like a waste of time to some, just know that you’re vastly improving mankind’s quality of life. Be honest. Tell the truth, and try to support others with the truths that you tell. Recognize that lying is easy and happens often, and make no place for it in your life. Be loving. Find the things that you are passionate about and pursue them to the fullest extent. Your passion will inspire everyone who sees you.

In short, be the kind of person that other people want to get Arby’s with.

Look at the person next to you, and think to yourself “Would I get a Beef n’ Cheddar with them? Would I offer to go pick up some horsey sauce for them when I go to fill up my soda?” If you cannot answer that, no problem. It can’t be expected that you know every single person that you encounter. But if you do see a person, and you know, in your heart, that you’d share a Medium Curly Fries with them, treasure that person. Upgrade it to a Large Curly Fries and silently give them more than their half. Giving produces more giving, regardless of how small, or how medium, or how large.

Love hard. If you’re ever fortunate enough to fall in love, love as hard as you can, for as long as possible. Invite the people that you love to eat Arby’s with you every night. Show them that they mean the world to you. Because love is difficult, and you never know when a sudden trip to your local Arby’s can make a difference in a relationship.

Value yourself, and others will grow to value you. Know that what you do is important, and eat your roast beef sandwiches with a purpose. Order four of them, sit down, and enjoy them. If you constantly seek validation from others, your roast beef sandwiches will come to taste bland. Roast beef sandwiches are the spice of life, and the spice of more roast beef sandwiches. Sprinkle some around whenever you get the chance.

Describe to others how you feel about Arby’s. Walk with confidence when you tell people that you love Arby’s, just came back from Arby’s, and would like to go to Arby’s again with that person in another hour or so, when your Arby’s has digested a bit. We often get so caught up in the minutiae of existence that we forget to tell people how important they are in the travel to the Arby’s that’s somewhere past the mall on North Stratford Boulevard.

And, most importantly, realize that, in the tough times, there is always a light, and possibly an Arby’s at the end of the tunnel near the mall. “This too shall pass.” As long as you stay strong, you will go on to eat Arby’s again. You will go on to see that sign with the little hat on it and you will know that life is a beautiful thing, despite all the obstacles that may come in your way. Wear that cute little hat and know that you will triumph.

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