Whatever A Spider Can 18: “The Sinister Prime Minister”

I told myself that I probably wouldn’t do another Spider-Man review. But when I got a comment asking me if I was going to continue this series, I thought that I might as well check out what the next episode was called.

“The Sinister Prime Minister.”

Okay, Spider-Man. You’ve sold me.


Peter Parker joins a few other journalists in waiting for a Prime Minister.

peter parker 1

He then appears in some bushes a second later.

peter parker 2

Who is the first Peter Parker? This episode is about disguises and stolen identities, but this plot point is never resolved. Somewhere, a second Peter Parker lurks, waiting to…do his job.

As it turns out, the Prime Minister is a fraud, and he convinces J. Jonah Jameson to donate twenty million dollars to him. Jameson becomes boner incarnate during this exchange, eagerly and moistly giving money to a stranger that opened their conversation by asking for copious amounts of money.


Peter Parker infiltrates the Prime Minister’s location by running right at it…

spiderman running

…and engages in a fight that can only be described with the final part of it. Somehow, it ended like this.


Was it the writer’s fault, or the cartoonist’s fault? I don’t think that you can properly answer that. This obviously didn’t come from the work of a person. There is a cloaked puppeteer behind the logic of the Spider-Man universe, and I don’t want to ask too many questions. I feel like sticking my nose into it will end with my disappearance and a note to my parents that reads “He did whatever a Spider could…,” written in my own chest blood.


The episode culminates with Spider-Man trying and failing to stop an armored car, and then climbing up onto an airplane where he reveals that the guy impersonating the Prime Minister is just an actor named Charles. If you watched Return of the Jedi, and thought that the ending should be replaced by Darth Vader seeing Luke on the Death Star, and saying aloud “You know what? I should become a good guy!,” followed by credits, this is your kind of finale. A sudden explosion of plot, followed by absolutely nothing. It’s wickedly unsatisfying.

Animation Woe:


At one point, Peter Parker opens a trunk at the foot of his bed to find his costume. However, instead of a costume, Peter finds the crumpled mass of something that only looks like a Spider-Man costume. Who is this poor creature that Peter Parker keeps locked in a trunk? How did he devolve into such a poor condition? What did he do to deserve this fate? And, most importantly, why can’t Spider-Man show it mercy?

Amazing Spidey Quote:

Jameson: “That Spider-Man is a menace!”

I feel bad for Jameson. That man probably calls his family every day at lunch to tell them the good news about how he has found a way to be famous or put an end to Spider-Man, and then he comes home and has to tell them that it all fell through.

Jameson: “He really is a menace.”

Jameson’s Wife: “I know. You’ve made that very clear.”

Fade to black.


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