7 Things To Remember When You Love Someone That Loves The Movie ‘What Lies Beneath’

Movies tend to glamorize relationships with people that love the movie What Lies Beneath, but it’s not all cotton candy sweetness in real life. Loving a person that loves What Lies Beneath can be difficult. Here are a few important things that you should try to remember during the rough times that can make it easier for the both of you.

Make sure that they have a safe space where they can watch What Lies Beneath on VHS, DVD or Blu Ray. And understand that they’re not trying to make you angry when they want to watch What Lies Beneath by themselves. They just need to be alone with What Lies Beneath.

They may bring up What Lies Beneath a lot or not at all. But make sure that you’re accommodating to them when they do begin to list behind-the-scenes facts about the production of What Lies Beneath. If the conversation suddenly steers to Harrison Ford’s antics during the plot of What Lies Beneath, actively listen. You may even learn a few things about What Lies Beneath.

They may not be the best at telling you when they plan to watch What Lies Beneath, and they’re not ignoring you when they don’t text you back while they’re viewing What Lies Beneath. Be patient with them.

Watching another movie can be very stressful for someone that might want to watch What Lies Beneath. Instead of picking a movie by yourself, consult them first. Give them options, and make sure that at least two of those options are What Lies Beneath.

Your partner is your partner, and should not be defined by any of the attributes of the characters in What Lies Beneath.

Constantly reaffirm that What Lies Beneath is a solid example of the thriller genre, and that it’s one of the most underrated films of 2000.

If you have the choice, do not schedule your life around What Lies Beneath. Instead, when you make plans, make them so that if What Lies Beneath comes up, those plans can fit a What Lies Beneath-themed activity. Some of these activities can include watching What Lies Beneath, or simply talking about your favorite parts of What Lies Beneath.

One response to “7 Things To Remember When You Love Someone That Loves The Movie ‘What Lies Beneath’

  1. What lies beneath did to baths what Psycho did to showers. And Jaws did to sharks.

    Which is the reason why I turned into a dirty old man…

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