Netflix To Revive Family’s Dead Cat For Sixth Season


Fans of Muppet, the Russell family’s deceased cat, will be overjoyed to hear that she’s being revived for a sixth season. Netflix CEO Michael Strode recently announced that, along with Gilmore Girls and Fuller House, 2016 will also see the renewal of a pet that many had previously thought gone forever, after she passed away from old age in 2013. “We’re really giving fans of Muppet what they want, whether they be seven-year-old Laurie Russell, or thirty-eight-year-old Sam Russell.” Strode said. “We really think that, on Netflix, we have the chance to bring closure to a dead cat that wasn’t always treated fairly by the networks.”

Muppet had a small, but devoted viewership, and many expressed anger when Muppet was cancelled before ever resolving the lingering “Will Muppet finally recover from the moaning call of death that eventually comes for all living things” plot line. Laurie Russell, writer for The Letter That Was Placed On Muppet’s Grave In The Backyard, wrote “Why? You were always such a good kitty. I love you.” It was sentiments like that (along with burgeoning internet support,) that forced Netflix to pay attention to what could potentially be a lucrative deal. “Muppet should be enjoyed by Russells and worldwide audiences alike,” Strode said. “We have the chance to do something special here.”

While no definitive release date has been set, the new season of Muppet is expected to premiere in the Russell’s backyard some time in 2016.  Tom-Tom, the family’s beagle that passed away in 2009, is confirmed to have a guest-starring role.

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